Top 10 Christmas Messages

“Tis the season to be jolly” as they say!
The time of Santa, reindeer, Christmas tree, and whole lot of sweets is here, for it is Christmas. Everyone across the globe is busy filling stockings, putting mistletoe, and embellishing the Christmas tree with ornaments, lights, wreaths and all other treasured objects. Exchange of greeting and cards between family and friends bring more cheer to the festival. It’s time to haul out the holly, reconnect with loved ones and share Christmas messages and wishes. For that reason it is necessary to look for the best of best words. If you don’t have the time to craft some amazing messages then do not fret. Make your loved ones chuckle by sending the best 10 messages we have fetched for you. These messages are picked from our main site that are repeatedly shared worldwide. Send them to your near and dear ones and convey warmth to your loved ones’ heart by letting them know that you miss them during this festive season.

The top 10 messages picked by us are -

May Jesus the savior
Protect you and your own
Merry Christmas!

May you continue praying
May you continue prospering
Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas time again
Your love literally makes time fly
Merry Christmas!

Pack gifts
Unpack fun
Merry Christmas!

Christmas is fun
So much to do, so little time
Miss You. Merry Christmas!

Keep your socks ready on the fireplace as it’s Christmas time.
Have a blessed one!

May you have laughter, goodwill, and good times with family this festive season.
Merry Christmas!

The season of warm wishes, goodwill and celebrations is here. Wishing you all the good things today and forever.
Merry Christmas!

To a joyful present and a well-remembered past,
Happy holidays and a Merry Christmas.

It’s the month of love and laughter, the season of carols and joy – Wishing you a blessed Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!

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