Tips to Get a Girlfriend


Being attracted towards a girl, falling in love with her and wanting to her to be your girlfriend can be one of the most exciting times of a guy’s life . When your heart skips a beat, you lose interest in food and you are unable to sleep at night because you’re lying awake and thinking about her , that’s when you know you’ve found that special girl who you want in your life . However, to get the girl’s acceptance is not an easy task, unless you are very charming . For the rest, it requires some serious work to be done before you can win her heart . Follow some refreshing tips mentioned here and who knows, you just might get lucky.

1. Cooking a delicacy

If you are already in touch and communicate regularly with the girl, you need to think something special to impress her . If you can cook a special dish for her that she likes, nothing could be more fascinating for her. Your liking and care for her will clearly show through this gesture and she will too appreciate your effort to impress her.

2. Write a song or a poem

Every one of us is not a professional writer who can make the reader mesmerized with our romantic lyrics. But you need not be one to touch your girl’s heart. Nothing seems more special to a girl than a personal effort being made by a guy to express his love for her and make her realize how important she is in his life. Simply write from your heart and express your true feelings. You might touch her heart too.

3. Understand, Don’t Interpret

Often, guys have a tendency of not being patient and jumping to a negative conclusion if a girl is not willing to give him enough time and let him get to know her better . There could be some serious reason s behind the same that would be holding her back from reaching out to you as openly and quickly as you might wish . Don’t hurry and try to comprehend the situation. Enquire from your common friends or any other source and try to understand the circumstances of her life and family background before making your final decision.

4. Behave with dignity

Her rejection of you should not be a reason for you to behave inappropriately . If she feels you’re not right for her, try and understand her reasons for saying no. See if there are aspects of your personality that she might be uncomfortable with. For instance, if you’re a smoker, she might find that a negative trait. Or she may not be keen on a relationship at this time. Be dignified and remain friends. You never know, she might start liking you back if you show some reserve.

5. Practice unconditional love

It’s easier said than done to do a lot for the girl you like and find your feelings are not reciprocated . It is human nature to have expectation s from people whom we love and care for. One-sided love and affection has a history of dying young. But that’s the test you have to pass. Loving someone unconditionally may not come naturally . But see the word ‘practice’? Practice unconditional love (against your will and mind) for some time and eventually you may find yourself doing it naturally. Then the probability of being accepted by the girl increases substantially.

6. Good sense of humor

Even your male friends would not want you around if you are always the ‘crying sobbing, complaining’ guy, forget about the girl. A g ood sense of humor is a universally renowned quality to get the girls impressed. A few genuine smiles and laughs and you have won half the battle.

Good luck using our tips to win the heart of your special someone!

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