Tips to enhance your Love life

Love Ideas
God created you to make me complete!


‘ Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.’

-Crystal Middlemas quotes

Follow these easy tips to enhance your love life: 

Express love
How to express love in words
  • Just type a note of love for your partner and place it in her official file where it will be easily found. 

  • Record your feelings in a CD and put in the driver in the car so that whenever the CD player will be started he or she can hear the voice of love. 

  • This is a hot tips to enhance your love life, just give a huge hug, kiss and say, ‘I miss you’ every day when your partner arrives home.

  • Surprise partner by a favorite dish and along with the dish, decorate another plate written ‘I love you’ with tomato ketchup. 

  • Whenever you get a long break in the launch time ask your beloved for the launch and have launch in good restaurant. 

  • Call your partner in the middle of the day from the office just to make plans for that evening. 

  • In rainy day plan for a indoor picnic just for you two and cook together of you and have launch in the shaded terrace or besides the window. 

  • Suddenly one day go for a long drive to the countryside and stay in a motel or have a close dinner together in small restaurant. 

  • If you are not staying together then every night before going for sleep just call her to say ‘good night’ or send a message writing a poem or a quote of love daily. This will surely enrich your love life.

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