This Dussehra discover the truth- was Ravana good?

Facts About Ravana
This Dussehra discover the truth- was Ravana good?

While we always tend to look Ravana as a villain for his one big mistake, we can learn so many good values of him. Perhaps the reason that even Gods bowed down before him.
Ravana: the most learned scholar
Ravana was one of the most learned scholars and had greatest knowledge .He was an expert of the Vedas and an expert in astrology.
He wrote a book Ravan Samhita on Astrology.Ravana also possessed a thorough knowledge of Ayurveda. It is because of this reason that Rama urged Laxmana to gain some wisdom and knowledge from the dying Ravana. Lord Rama, asked his brother Lakshman to sit beside him and learn valuable in statecraft and diplomacy from him Ravana was a good scholar and shared his knowledge even with his enemy. He gave three important lessons to Laxmana: never underestimate your enemy, defer bad action as much as you can and don’t delay the good action – this would save you and others from any kind of damage, and don’t reveal your secrets to anyone in the world.

Ravana was a learned poet and a musician, too. It is believed that he was highly interested in music and was an extraordinary veena player.

Ravan was an excellent warrior
Ravan became Trilokadipati,defeated humans,demons,devas,serpent races due to his excellent skills as a warrior.

Ravana: the great king
According to the acquired knowledge in Valmiki’s Ramayana, Ravana was a great ruler. Ravana was an efficient and great king. Under his rule Lanka reached to its greatest heights such was the pomposity of his kingdom that it was known as “Sone ki Lanka”(The golden Lanka) which was the most prestigious period of Lanka in history.
According to the facts, Ravana was a caring ruler who looked after his subjects very well. Under his rule, the best of all architects, Vishwakarma, built Lanka. In Sri Lanka, Ravana is considered as a God and is worshipped. Even there are several temples in India like Dashanan Ravana Temple in Kanpur, Ravangram Ravana Temple, Madhya Pradesh, or Kakinada Ravana Temple in Andhra Pradesh that still continue to worship Ravana after all this time. These places do not even celebrate Dussehra.

Ravana: A gentleman
When he was in war with Sri Ram, Sita was still in his custody. Even when Ravana was losing his family members one after the other, he did not harm Sita. He had thought of killing Sita once, though. However, he gave up the idea of thinking of it as a cowardly act, but no demon would ever do that. Also, you could view Ravana as a good brother to Soorpnakha. He wanted to avenge her insult, and therefore he abducted Sita.

Ravan helped his enemies

The ancient facts also justify that he helped his enemies .When Lord Ram and his army needed to create a bridge to Lanka and for that they needed the blessing of Lord Shiva. But the biggest bhakt of Shiva in the entire region was Ravan and a great Brahmin, he was best qualified to perform the yagya. As a gentleman, Ravana agreed to perform the commencement of the puja The Sri Lankans also say that Ravan appeared for the yagya and gave Rama his blessings.

Ravan – was a great devotee of Lord Shiva
Being a Brahmin Ravan was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He is the composer of Shiva Tandava which is the most valuable work in praise of Lord Shiva. It is said that he please Shiva to an extent that he handed over an Atma Linga (Soul of Shiva) as a boon to Ravan that would help Ravan attain immortality and invincibility.

Ravan could control sunrise and sunset

Ravana was said to have become so mighty after years of practice that he could actually control the sunrise and sunset. During the birth of his son Meghnad, he ‘instructed’ the planets to stay in the 11th house of the child, but Shani refused to do which irked Ravan and he even imprisoned him

Even after listing the qualities of Ravan I can’t come to a conclusion whether to call him a Hero or Anti-Hero.

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