The Significance of Guru Govind Singh Ji’s Teachings in Today’s World


If today’s world lacks something, it is honesty, simplicity and morality. Well, goodness is not absent fromtoday’s world. However, purity and selflessness take a back seat in the mad rush towards materialism. In such a scenario, teachings of Guru Govind ji, if truly followed, can enhance goodness, reduce inequalities in the society and make a world a better place to live in.

What does Guru Govind Singh ji teach?

Guru Govind Singh ji was the last of the ten Sikh gurus. He introduced the concept of “saint soldiers”.  Despite wielding weapons, the saint soldiers are saintly because they pray deeply, meditate everyday, serve the needy, lead a simple life and detatch themselves from worldly temptations.

The followers of Guru govind Singh ji are peaceful warriors who do not use their weapons against the helpless; they do not kill the innocent and they do not use force for personal gain. He advocated the ideal of sacrificing oneself and loved ones if necessary for the greater good of the community. In pursuing these ideals, a warrior or a soldier becomes a saint who dedicates his life for the well being of his fellow humans.

Considering the violence, materialism and corruption that exists in today’s world, you cannot deny that understanding and implementing the hukams (commandments) laid down by Guru Govind Singh ji is definitely an effective way to bring unity, equality and peace in the world.

How are these ideals significant intoday’s world?

The fifty two hukams that this spiritual leader gave are a comprehensive bible for healthy and spiritual living, as well as a balanced society. In other words, these teachings show you how to live a just and simple life.

The 52 commandments given by Guru Govind Singh advocate earning by honest means and donating 10 percent of income to the needy. If you evaluate these ideals, you can see the deep rooted presence of positive socialism and social justice, which is unfortunatley lacking among people today.

Furthermore, Guru Govind Singh ji commands his followers to respect women, give up worldly attachments and tobacco poison, not be lazy, not indulge in gossip or slander, never to cheat and never give false testimonies. Think about how much productive time you can save by not indulging in gossip and slander. Your conscious is going to be clean if you don’t cheat and lie. The Guru also asks his followers not to take pride in their caste and wealth, the two most problematic things in the modern world.

Guru Govind Sigh ji commands people to listen to Gurbani every day. Listening to the soothing Gurbani (Guru’s voice) can calm the stressed nerves and reduce the stress that people undergo today. Besides, since the Gurbani reminds you about the right way of living, you remain on the right path of honesty and integrity, despite the immoral temptations of the modern world.

The teachings of Guru Govind ji are full of worldly wisdom. Immorality, ill health, violence, discrimination, economic inequalities and the growing disparity in the society can be overcome if you embrace the eternal truth of Guru Govind Singh ji’s teachings. His teachings are not bound by time. They were applicable in the past, are applicable now and will be applicable in the future too.

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