The Art of Kissing


kiss-me-hardKissing is one of the best ways to show your passion toward that special someone in your life, be it your lover or husband.

There are different types of kisses which can actually spice up your life and strengthen your bonding with your partner. Read on to check out kissing techniques that are fun and exciting!

The Art of Kissing – Techniques You Can Follow
Below, you will some kissing techniques which will help you master the art of making love with kisses.

Crush kiss:
Kissing someone on whom you’ve had a crush for a long time is one of the most exciting feelings you may have. All you have to do is start with a gentle kiss, closing your mouth. Keep your arms around your partner’s neck or waist and gradually open your mouth. Avoid using the tongue to make sure that you keep your partner wanting for more. Keep your arms around him for quite some time before you pull away.

Get a bit aggressive:
An aggressive kiss reflects your love and passion for your partner. So, when your partner looks forward to getting a smooch from you, just surprise him with a kiss that’s quite aggressive and sensuous. Such kisses do take some time and keep the lovers engaged in showing how deeply they love each other.

Angel kiss:
This is a simple yet passionate kiss that can increase the level of intimacy between two partners. All you have to do here is kiss your partner gently near the eyes or on his eyelids. Such kisses are usually long and passionate.

Kissing on the earlobe:
This art of kissing is just ideal to steam up your love making session. Gently suck on your partner’s earlobe. Next, try to breathe through your nose, and exhale warm air into his ear so that he can feel the tingle throughout this whole body. Then you can carry on with further love making moves.

French kiss:
This art of kissing is one of the most exciting ways to make love to your partner. It’s all about moving your tongue inside your partner’s mouth. While you do so, breathe through your nose and take breaks to recreate the need for more!

Freeze kiss:
This is a kind of French kiss with an icy touch. All you need to do here is put a piece of ice in your mouth and kiss your partner gently. Then use your tongue to pass the ice into your partner’s mouth. Instead of ice, you can use breath mint to have the same effect.

Kiss and bite:
Well, in this art of kissing, you nibble your partner’s lower lip and give him a sensuous bite. You can then follow up with more soft kisses to make your partner get involved in a more sensuous act.

Curious kiss:
This is one of the kissing techniques where you actually close your mouth and kiss your partner. Of course, body contact is required to increase the passion that comes with the kiss. You may either touch your partner’s waist or hold his hand. Such kisses last for 5 to 10 seconds. What’s important is to keep your partner wanting for more by pulling away quite fast.

Fruity Kiss:
In this art of kissing, you need to keep a piece of juicy fruit between your upper and lower lips. Then kiss your partner and bite a small part of the fruit. Ask your partner to take a bite so that the fruit breaks into half and the juice flows into your mouths.

Eskimo kiss:
This kissing technique requires you to use your nose instead of your lips. Bring your face close to that of your partner and rub your noses against each other. It’s a light-hearted way of kissing the love of your life.

A formal kiss:
This kind of a kiss is mostly used to say goodbye or hello to your dear ones. This art of kissing doesn’t require your lips to touch your partner’s skin. You just kiss the air next to your partner’s cheek. So, it’s just a formal kiss rather than the usual passionate kiss.

Upside-down kiss:
This is one of the kissing techniques, which is sensuous and passionate. Just make your partner lie down with his head on your lap. Lean forward to kiss him such that your top lip is placed on his bottom lip and vice versa. Repeat this for a number of times till you’re fully satisfied.

These are some of the techniques that can make you’re kissing a memorable one for you and your partner.

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