Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated in the United States. Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival. On this day, holiday is observed and people express their gratefulness, appreciation and thankfulness to the Almighty, family and friends. They show their gratitude for being blessed with relationships and materialistic possessions. According to the tradition, Thanksgiving Day is the time to be thankful for a bountiful harvest. This day is no more stuck to its roots of religion now.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on different dates in different nations. In the United States, Thanksgiving Day falls on every fourth Thursday of November whereas in Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday in October. The Netherlands also celebrates Thanksgiving. A different holiday with the same name is celebrated at a parallel time of year in the island of Grenada.

The exact historical origin of the Thanksgiving Day is shrouded in mystery. Even though Americans usually believe that the first Thanksgiving happened in the year1621 at Plymouth Plantation, in Massachusetts. Strong evidence for earlier merriment in the year 1578 in Canada is found, evidence of celebrations by Spanish explorers in the year 1565 in Florida is also found. As impact of the western culture, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in India also, though in very few parts of the country. However, the major celebrations are observed by Christians in the state of Goa.

Enjoying banquets with family is an essential and most enjoyable part of Thanksgiving Day celebrations. The rich legacy of Thanksgiving has been alive for hundreds of years and is continuing to live. Customs of Thanksgiving comprise of tales of those who believe that everyone must possess the virtue of gratitude. Thanksgiving customs are custom of praying, custom of family dinner, custom of decoration and custom of greeting the near and dear ones.

On this day churches organize communal prayers. Prayers are done in homes as well. This practice is going on for several centuries. Prayers are offered at several times while having meals throughout the day. On this the day the whole mankind expresses heart-felt gratitude to God for His abundant blessings. On this day, gratefulness to friends and family is also expressed for their good deeds. People dine with their family and friends. Those who live far away, manage to be with their relatives for this day. Feasts are generally held and enjoyed at home only. People enjoy eating ‘Roasted Turkey’ with each other. Homes are tastefully decorated with fresh and dried flowers and wreaths. Lamps are lit and tables are set with antique silver and China cutlery sets. People sent affectionate messages to their loved ones.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with a lot of festive fervor and euphoria. The universal feeling of being thankful to Lord Almighty for his incessant grace and blessings is conveyed by this occasion.

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