Thanksgiving Traditions

There are certain Thanksgiving Day traditions that families hold dear throughout America.

Family Dinner:

Thanksgiving Traditions
Family Dinner

To celebrate this day, families make extensive arrangements for wining and dining. Family reunion and feasting is an important part of Thanksgiving.

On this day the entire family sits at the table to have a dinner together and thank almighty God for their continuous grace.

Thanksgiving menu features, turkey, mashed potatoes and wine. At night, families feast together on the dinner table; thank God for the wonderful year and pray for a blissful year ahead.


Thanksgiving Parades

The traditional Thanksgiving parade first started with President Lincoln. He proclaimed it an official day. The idea about such colorful parades is to lift the spirits of the spectators.

It provides the wholesome entertainment to everyone. Parades display military strength of the country. Now, parades are organized with musical shows and celebrities also participate in it.

Football Games:

Thanksgiving traditional games
Football Games

Football game matches take place in various stadiums. On the Thanksgiving Day, families and friends follow the popular tradition of watching football matches.

Some Special Facts & Notes

Interesting Thanksgiving tradition
Some Special Facts & Notes
  • It’s not a day of celebration for one and all. A group of Native Americans stage a protest for National Day of Morning at Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, Massachusetts on Thanksgiving Day. It’s been done every year since 1970.
  • American Indian Heritage Day (also known as Native American Heritage Day), is observed in United States on the Friday after the Thanksgiving Day. It is observed in the honor of rich history, cultural heritage and inevitable contributions of American Indians to United States. This day is recognized as a State holiday in some states, for example Maryland.
  • The first main Thanksgiving, traced back to 1623, was observed by the pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts, when they thanked the rain which ended a long period of drought. During these old times, the day was observed in the form of special church services and not feasts.
  • George Washington, the first president of the United States, proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day in 1789.


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