Thanksgiving Songs

Cornucopia is a horn shaped container.

The best Thanksgiving songs about family, food, and being thankful for your holiday dinner.
1-Turkey Hop
The Kiboomers

2-Little Eva – Let’s Turkey Trot
Little Eva

3-I’ve Got Plenty To Be Thankful For
Bing Crosby

4-Thank You for Thanksgiving
Two of a Kind

Listen & Learn

6-The Thankful Song
Marilyn M. Linford

7- Turkey Dinner Dance
Listen & Learn

8-Turkey In the Straw
Traditional Song Lyrics

9-Turkey Trot
Ron Brown

10-Yummy Yummy-O–
Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore

11-I’m Thankful
Jack Hartmann

12-I Am Thankful
Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore

12-I Want To Say Thanks
Vitamin L

13-Jingle Bells

14-Johnny Appleseed

15-Let’s Have a Dinner…
Thanksgiving– Andrew Germain

16-A Feast

17-Every Day Is Thanksgiving
Karen Rupprecht & Pam Miinor

18-First Americans, and So Proud
Learning by Song

19-The First Thanksgiving
Learning by Song

20-Give Thanks
Pam Minor

21-The Pilgrims
Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore

22-Giving Thanks
Lauren Mayer

23-Young Pilgrims
The Shins

24-Knives Out

25-Pilgrim Children
M. Ryan Taylor’s Thanksgiving Songs

26-Thanksgiving Day
Ray Davies

27-A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
George Winston

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