Thanksgiving Day- The Do’s and Don’ts

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in different names and styles, pertaining to varied cultural beliefs, all over the world. However, the reason for which the festival is celebrated remains common in all the religions and cultures. The day gives a chance to the humanity to express its sincere thanks to the almighty for bestowing mighty and plentiful harvest. In the Unites States, the day is celebrated with grandeur, just a few days before Christmas, on the fourth Thursday of November. On the other hand, in Canada, this grand day is celebrated on the second Monday falling in the month of October.Over the past few years, the essence of thanking the almighty for its greatness in bestowing humanity with harvest has blurred. Today, Thanksgiving Day has simply been relegated to just another day for enjoying grand meals, expensive drinks and loud get-togethers. This makes it all the more important to restore the colour and festivity of the day to enjoy it in the right spirit.

Here is a list of all the essential do’s and don’ts that one must follow to restore the spirit of the grand day and celebrate it with one’s near and dear ones.

Do remember the traditional meals
Thanksgiving Day signifies family re-unions and get-togethers. It’s the time of the year when the entire family unites, offers prayer to the Lord and enjoys a great meal together. To groove in the spirit of this festival, remember to cook the traditional meals. Pumpkin pie, roasted turkey, stuffed or mashed potatoes and cranberries are the most common food items associated with the day. One can of-course be more creative and make these traditional meals more interesting!

Do invest on preparing good salads
Salads can appear to be the most mundane or the most creative part of your Thanksgiving menu. Make them more interesting by adding spicy and tangy dressings. A bowl of sumptuous salad would be a really good option for those who don’t want to regret stuffing themselves with mashed potatoes and other high-on calorie meals.

Do send your invites in advance
Remember to send out the invites of the Thanksgiving dinner to your guests much in advance so that they have adequate time to adjust their hectic schedule. Also, sending out proper invitations days earlier gives a fair idea of the total number of guests that are expected to come. This will help to make a proper shopping budget of the food and sundry needed for the grand dinner.

Don’t avoid food to enjoy the grand dinner
Unless one wants to experience a bloated belly after the grand dinner, it is important that one takes proper meals- a healthy breakfast and lunch, before splurging on the Thanksgiving dinner.

Don’t add varieties in appetizers
A huge variety in appetizers made of potatoes and pumpkin can lead to over-stuffing and bloating. As a result, one really doesn’t enjoy the main and the most anticipated Thanksgiving dinner. Keep two to three varieties in appetizers and make sure to keep a considerable gap of time between the serving of main meal and appetizers.

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