Thanksgiving Day Celebration

Thanksgiving is an occasion for everyone to come together and give thanks for the many blessings enjoyed by these nations and their citizens. It is also a day for celebrating with grand meals, parties, get-togethers or reunions. It’s the most celebrated (and most heavily traveled!) time of the year. Thanksgiving is a time to share, to give, and to be grateful for all that we have. On this day a Thanksgiving special meal is prepared. The most important and common recipe in Thanksgiving dinners is a turkey, accompanied by various home cooked foods, vegetables and pies.

Thanksgiving is celebrated on fourth Thursday of November. Families and friends gather together . Some families may even have their own yearly Thanksgiving traditions.Thanksgiving is not associated to any specific religion, and anyone can celebrate it the way one one wants. One common tradition is to enjoy a meal with friends or family and to give thanks for what you have. It is a big holiday for the nation.

Few of the common recipes in Thanksgiving dinners are Almond Biscotti, Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie , Stuffed Acorn Squash , Grilled Turkey , Fruited Sweet Potatoes .
It was it was the first treaty between Native Americans and the pilgrims. They got together and made a feast to celebrate their new friendship and peace.

It is a a time of thankfulness toward God and one should not forget its real importance in midst of eating and partying.
Celebrate this day by sending Thanksgiving Day cards

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