Thanksgiving 2020


1. What Thanksgiving really means?
In the United States Thanksgiving is a national holiday, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. United States and Canada celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year on Thanksgiving.



2.Thanksgiving Gift Ideas
Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get together with your family, friends, and dear ones and appreciate them for whatever they’ve done for you. This is when you express your gratitude to those wonderful people who’ve showered their love and warmth on you and supported you all throughout. What better way to give thanks than by providing them with a gift that will create a lasting memory?



3. Thanksgiving Food: Turkey
Several traditional Thanksgiving meals exist in US, the main being the Turkey because of which Thanksgiving Day is also known as the Turkey Day. Mashed potatoes, Sweet Corn, Stuffing, Sweet potatoes, Fall Vegetables, Cranberry sauce and Pumpkin Pie constitute other traditional food items. All of the foods mentioned were introduced as a source of food to the Europeans for the first time when they had arrived.

Thanksgiving today is an amalgamation of several traditions ranging from ancient harvest festivals to New England’s and England’s traditional harvest festivals to the New England’s Puritan Thanksgiving and also the changing ideological and political assumptions of Native Americans.



4.What are Thanksgiving traditions?
The most important Thanksgiving tradition is to host or attend a Thanksgiving Dinner with family, friends or neighbours.

Traditionally, a Thanksgiving turkey is served on Thanksgiving.

Another idea is to plan a Thanksgiving vacation.

Decorate the House for Thanksgiving or Harvest with Fall Decor.



5. Thanksgiving Facts
There are four towns in the United States named “Turkey.” They can be found in Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

The night before Thanksgiving is the single biggest day for bar sales in the U.S.

Most Americans like Thanksgiving leftovers more than the actual meal.

Sarah Josepha Hale was actually the “Mother of Thanksgiving.”


Thanksgiving Thank You Cards




Find some Thanksgiving Quotes and beautiful Thanksgiving Messages.

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