The rapture and gaiety ofThanksgiving Day is in the air and we all are looking forward to a quintessential celebration this year. Celebrated annually in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1621. It continues to be a national holiday and a day of feasting and getting together with friends and family to give thanks for the blessings of life and a bountiful harvest. Thanskgiving is on November 28th this year.

Be it the scrumptious turkey occupying centrestage on the dining table or the pumpkin pie demanding our keen attention, it’s been the tradition that goes with the Thanksgiving celebration. However, to make it an even more exciting and a memorable moment to be cherished all through the ensuing year, is what we must aspire towards. And that’s possible only with some out-of-the-box celebration ideas that would excite both kids as well as adults. Have a look at some Thanksgiving party ideas here.

  1. Hollywood Theme Party – Theme parties are great fun with all age groups. Organize a Hollywood theme party where everybody present would pick up their favorite character from the movies and be dressed like them. Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), The Hulk, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and many others could be perfect characters to be dressed up as, at the party.
  2. Out under the sky – The Thanksgiving feast is prepared and offered in the dining halls of our homes. This time, take the party out in the open – on the terrace or out in the lawn. Set up a bar-be-que and a bonfire outside and celebrate the Thanksgiving Day with an ecstatic combination of chilly weather and bonfire heat.
  3. Play Football or Rugby – Another tradition associated with Thanksgiving Day is the hosting of several Football fames all over the country and people just sit back and enjoy the same, post-dinner or through the day. However, I am suggesting to not to be a couch potato this year. Instead, get outside and engage yourself, play an outdoor gamewith your friends and family. Indeed, it’s a great pleasure and fun to play with our loved ones. Make this Thanksgiving Day celebration special with a happy outdoor game.
  4. Santa Claus for the kids – What?…Santa Claus?…on Thanksgiving Day?…sounds silly, right?…No. Surprise your kids with a Santa Claus coming home and dropping presents for them on Thanksgiving Day itself. Do it in advance. Don’t let them wait till Christmas and make them happy way before it. It will be a splendid surprise for them for sure. However, don’t break the tradition of Christmas the month later. Let Santa Claus come on Christmas as well, so that the kids don’t get upset.
  5. Take a Thanksgiving Vow – There’s nothing as such in the tradition of Thanksgiving celebrations. But as it is the day when we reunite with our friends and family over a great dinner and exciting fun-filled activities, we can make a point to express the love and concern we have for our loved ones. So, share your feelings and thoughts with them and make it a family ritual wherein everyone would take a vow (name it a ‘Thanksgiving Vow’) which would be very special for our friends and family members. Be truthful with it and don’t break it. Repeat the practice every year.

Have a joyful and memorable Thanksgiving with our Thanksgiving Party ideas.

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