Teen Birthday Party Themes

Teen Birthday Party Theme
Teen Birthday Party

Check out our cool birthday party ideas that your teen will fall in love with.
Teen life is full of fun and excitement. So, you can expect what a teen birthday party will be like!!! Dgreetings offers a huge selection of Teen Birthday Party Themes. While planning a birthday party for a teenager always remember that the young guys and gals are excited when everything about the party is wacky and weird. So, keep your sense of humor, and let all the young guests have a gala time. Birthday is the most important day in one’s life. So, enjoy the day with your teenaged kids and their friends with Teen Birthday Party themes.

Pirate Birthday Party

You can order customized invitations based on pirate party theme or make your own with cardstock paper.


Birthday Invitations

Send the birthday invitations 2-3 weeks before the party.
If you are making your own invitations then a treasure map will help to set the mood… You can roll up the invite and tie it with golden strings.

Party Decorations:

Birthday Decorations
One day before the celebration date

The color scheme for this party will be green and black. Use these colors for balloons, streamers and tablecloth. You can place a skeleton dressed like a pirate on the door saying “BEWARE OF PIRATES!” Decorate the room with pirate flags of various colors. Cover your table with a green table cloth and scatter gold chocolate coins.

Party Cake:

Birthday Cake
One week before the celebration day

Make a pirate ship cake. First bake the cake mix in two round pans. Cut each in half. Use icing so that the layers (4) of the cake together. Then cut a small bit off the rounded end. Then make the cake stand up to look like the hull of a boat.
Then use chocolate icing and stick broken pieces of flake chocolate bars around the sides so that the hull looks wooden. Place a few pirate figures on top of the cake.

Goodie Bags:
You can use recycled diaper wipes boxes to make goodie bags. Rough up the sides of the diaper wipes boxes with sandpaper and spray paint gold. The glue on imitation jewelry.
Fill the goodie bags with plastic gold coins.

So, enjoy your Pirate party!!!

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