Teacher’s Day



Teacher’s Day is celebrated   in India every year on 5th September

The important role that teachers and educators play in shaping the career path of an individual right from his or her growing up years cannot be underestimated in any way. Right from the time when human history began to be chronicled- teachers, instructors, educators, and tutors have been contributing significantly to the all round development of the mankind. Teachers,the world over have played a pivotal role in educating millions of people and making them erudite.

Therefore, a day is earmarked for celebrating and commemorating Teacher’s Day on a worldwide basis to express gratitude towards teachers for their valuable contributions to the society. Celebration dates differs from one nation to another. Teacher’s Day in India is celebrated with pomp and gaiety on 5th September which also incidentally happens to be Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s birth anniversary.

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan was the first Indian vice-president and the nation’s 2nd President. After his appointment as the Indian President, his friends and well-wishers wanted to commemorate his birthday in a special way but he requested them to dedicate the day to teachers and observe the day as Teachers’ Day. The year was 1962. Since then, Teacher’s Day in India has been celebrated on 5th September annually.

The Significance of Teacher’s Day

On 5th September, students throughout India show their gratitude and admiration for their teachers for helping them to lay the foundations for a bright and promising future and also for keeping their intellect well-oiled. Even Indian students studying in overseas branches of well known Indian schools celebrate the day.

The members of alumni associations of schools, colleges and universities in the country many of whom happen to be globally acclaimed NRIs award citations and felicitate teachers from their alma maters on an international forum. Even UNESCO recognizes Teacher’s Day. Ceremonies and functions are held with flourish and fanfare in majority of educational institutions that glorify the indispensable part played by teachers in the lives of their students.

Celebrating Teacher’s Day

A function to commemorate Teacher’s Day in any school or educational establishment usually begins on a traditional note where teachers are presented with flower bouquets and attractive cards or souvenirs followed by an encouraging and inspirational address. Thereafter, students present colourful and vibrant cultural programs that idolises teachers.

Though there is no age for learning, but there sure is a guiding force, a tutor, who enlightens our path and shows us a way forward, to thank them is not enough, it is only gratitude that we can show. Teacher’s Day in fact is a perfect occasion to pay tribute to the masters.

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