Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas

Unique gifts ideas for teachers day, for our mentors , for our tutors who’ve helped us bring a smile at each phase of our lives.

Teachers have, from time immemorial, occupied an exalted position in the Indian society. They have been regarded as the beacon of wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment and have guided their students to become better citizens; thereby, leading to the overall development of the nation. Upon the completion of their education, students, too, have expressed their gratitude to their teachers by giving them gifts.

The tradition of giving gifts was a part of the ancient gurukul system, where the teacher or the Guru would ask for a gurudakshina (tradition of replaying one’s teacher after the completion of one’s formal education), which was not only monetary but also comprised an important task that the guru would ask of his students. As years passed, the institution of education underwent changes and so did the idea of giving gifts to the teacher. In the modern age, the tradition of gurudakshina has gone in for a complete makeover.

Every year on Teacher’s Day, children from all across the country express their thanks to their teachers by giving them wonderful gifts. The gifts range from homemade ones, to fancy cakes, books and other such stuff that a teacher would adore for a lifetime. Check out below some of the fabulous gift ideas that would truly make your teacher happy on Teacher’s Day.

Some of the popular gifts for Teacher’s Day are as follows. Just have a glance through them –

Homemade Teacher’s Day Gifts  

  • First and foremost making a greetings card will be a wonderful idea. A greetings card meant for your favorite teacher with some personalized appreciation message written on it will indeed be a wonderful teacher’s day gift idea.
A wonderful teacher's day gift idea
Homemade Teacher’s Day Gifts

  • Another most popular personalized teacher’s day gift idea is writing a poem and dedicating it to your favorite teacher. The poem written by you will clearly express your heartfelt appreciation for your teacher.

  • You can also prepare a pen stand by using some old cardboard box. This task is very simple, all you need to do is properly wrap a nice colorful sheet and decorate it with attractive colors and glitters.
Popular gifts for Teacher's Day
Handmade pen Stand

  • If you have a knack for painting then you can gift your teacher a nice painting that has been created by you. A simple painting of your a school building, classroom or your teacher taking a classroom would surely make his or her day.

A Homemade Card or Artwork

Handmade Card
A Homemade Card or Artwork
  • It is Teacher’s Day and time to get creative. Prepare a beautiful artwork or a card that you can present to your teacher on this Teacher’s Day. Though do remember to scribble some touching words in praise of your teacher. Homemade gifts or gifts specially chosen by children have a special place in a teacher’s heart.

Beautiful Flowers For A Loving Teacher

Buy a beautiful bouquet for your teacher
Beautiful Flowers For A Loving Teacher
  • Flowers are stronger than words. They subtly express a person’s love or respect to his or her loved one. So, this Teacher’s Day go shopping and buy a beautiful bouquet for your teacher. They would surely love it,if you’re going to bring flowers, do be sure they’re in a vase. And make sure the classroom has a place for them.

Books For Classroom

 Teacher's Day gift
Books For Classroom
  • Help your teacher in growing the classroom library. On this Teacher’s Day gift him or her one or two books which can be kept in the classroom to be used by the teacher or other students.

Classic Hand Made Paintings For Your Teacher

Create a fabulous painting
Classic Hand Made Paintings For Your Teacher
  • So, you have been taking painting classes. Let the artist in you come out on this Teacher’s Day. Create a fabulous painting and present it to you teacher. He or she is surely going to love it.
Books for your Teacher
  • Primary school teachers love getting new children’s books for their classroom. Buy your child’s favorite, and have him/her sign the inside cover. It’s better if the book is one the teacher doesn’t already have.

  • Class room supplies – Teachers appreciate Sharpners, erasers, markers, color pens and pencils,note pads with the teacher’s name. Put them in a decorative box, and you’re all set. Or buy some useful learning materials for both the teacher and kids in the classroom.
Useful learning materials for the teacher
Class room supplies

  • Games and other activities for recess time – when the class stays inside due to rain or too hot or cold weather, children love to play indoor games. Teacher might appreciate a classic games like Ludo, Uno, Chinese checker , carom etc.
Games and other activities for recess time

Some other ideas of gifts which Teachers Love

Volunteer to help your child’s teacher in many ways.

  • Help during art class.
  • Primary teachers love to take your help in making charts for the class
  • Make copies.
  • Offer to deep clean the classroom

Check out some best Teacher’s Day messages and famous Teacher’s Day quotes for your favorite teacher.

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