The beauty of summer comes with clear blue sky, large white floating clouds, orange sun, bright blooming sunflowers and lush green meadows. In midst of smoldering hot weather, enjoy overcast skies, thunderstorms and rare rainy days. Spend hours under cool showers without any fear of catching cold or hypothermia. While lazing with your favorite novel under a large swaying tree, watch as time goes. On weekends, hit the beach, rejoice a visual feast of the emerald ocean, surf the waves, enjoy late night swims with friends and host a nice barbecue for family afterwards. It’s the season to throw on a backpack and head for the luscious hills. Summer nights become even more romantic with silvery moon, bashful stars and twilight song. Flaunt your cuteness in shorts, skirts, jeans & tees or floral sundresses. Walk barefoot in your garden smelling the fragrance of blooming roses, frangipanis, jasmine or lavender. Make a pitcher full of yellowy lemonade. Nothing tastes more like summer than a refreshing glass of citrus punch with a bowl full of fruit salad. Share a little lightness for a warm, fun-filled summer season with your friends, family and loved ones.

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