Summer Camps

Summer camps are a great way for kids and teenagers to spend the summer by indulging in games, activities, and crafts for fun and enjoyment. They can pursue an interest, learn new things, and make friends through summer camps. 

Summer Camp Ideas for Kids
Below, you will find summer camp ideas for kids.

Summer Activities For Kids
Best Ideas for Summer Camp

Science camps:
The science summer camps help kids and students explore the fun side of science. Kids are encouraged to participate in activities like making a toy car, a cotton ball catapult, or a rocket. The science camps usually arrange trips to museums and local attractions where children get to learn about science and its utilities.

Science camps
Summer Camp Ideas for Kids

Dance camps:
If you’d like your kids to learn about various forms of dance, engage them in dance summer camps during their holidays. Right from jazz, hip-hop, ballet and a group performance, there’s everything for your kids to participate and enjoy. Personal grooming and exercises are also a part of these dance classes.

Summer Camps
Dance summer camps

Art camps:
The art summer camps usually provide lessons on drawing and painting. There are lessons on water painting and acrylic painting. Some camps also provide classes on oil painting. There are craft classes as well. Pottery making and basket weaving are the popular craft activities kids get to learn from these camps.

Water painting and acrylic painting
Summer Art Camps for Kids

Camps for recreational activities:
If you’d like your kids to be bold and energetic, you may enroll them in camps where they can participate in recreational activities like hiking, swimming, horseback riding, and fishing.

Night time activities like bonfires and ghost stories are common features of kids’ summer camps. Music and singing are often encouraged, be it a science or an art camp.

Recreation Summer Camp
Camps for recreational activities

Summer Camp Ideas for Teenagers
Explore the summer camps ideas given below, so that you can enroll your teenagers in exciting camp activities.

Theater and music camps:
These summer camps are a great way to nurture the skills of teenagers. The teenagers get to know about acting, voice modulation, and stage presentation. The camps also help them communicate with theater personalities and learn the art of acting better. Similarly, music camps help teenagers hone their skills and interact with well-known musicians who offer tips on how to build a career in music.

Theater and music camps
Summer Camp Ideas for Teenagers

Sports camps:
Such summer camps are just ideal for teens who participate in school and college sports. They can participate in a variety of sports which may increase their physical strength and keep them fit.

Art camps:
The art camps help teens enhance their knowledge of art and sculpture. They can practice oil painting and advanced form of water painting as well.

Aside from theater and music camps, sports camp, and art camps, there are outdoor camps which organize activities like hiking, biking, and skiing.

Summer Camp Crafts
Here’s a craft idea for your kids’ and teenagers’ summer camps.

Homemade chalk craft:

You’ll need the following materials so as to create chalk craft.

  • Aluminium foil
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Duct tape
  • Disposable plastic container
  • Toilet tissue tube
  • Liquid tempera paint
  • Spoon
  • Water


  • Use duct tape to cover an end of the toilet paper tube.
  • Roll a piece of foil (8-by-41/2-inch) that’s made of aluminum.
  • Let the foil slip into the tube against its inside part.
  • Set the duct tape upside down and the tube upright on a surface that’s protected.
  • Let your kids combine 1 cup of Plaster of Paris with 1/2 cup water in a plastic container.
  • Stir until the Plaster of Paris gets dissolved completely.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of paint and mix cautiously so as to get the bright color of the chalk.
  • Spoon into the tube until the mixture settles down.
  • Let the mixture dry before you use it.

Aside from this craft, you can encourage your kids to create a memory box, a tent card, or a coffee can drum.

Summer Camp Games
Here are some games that are often organized in summer camps.

Treasure hunt game:
Kids can be encouraged to hunt for hidden treasures in and around their camp site. They can be offered a treasure hunt map using which they can easily collect the items.

Archery activity:
There are camps which provide classes on how to shoot a bow and arrow. So, your teenagers can get an idea about archery and acquire some skills in it.

Archery Games
Archery activity

Other camp games:
Soccer, tennis, basketball, and volleyball are some of the interesting games organized at summer camps. Encourage your teenagers to participate in these games, and they’ll find it exciting indeed!

Fun Summer Camp Activities and Games
Awesome Summer Camp Games

These are the summer camp ideas to help your kids and teenagers experience a unique summer holiday with loads of fun and excitement.

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