Stop fight before it starts


We live in a world of divisive discontents. Our very outlook is colored by suspicion and skepticism. We don’t bat an eyelid before labeling or stereotyping and this happens even though we happen to be educated. Human relations are not valued anymore – the way they used to previously. Monetary bonds are trusted more and almost everything has a price tag attached to it. Those who have money can automatically ‘buy’ their place anywhere they so wish even if they are not meritorious enough.

Despite the complications and contradictions, we can make our world a happier place- with good intent and a positive attitude, anything is possible. communication and dialogue can diffuse any volatile situation. Words are magical…they can make or break relationships. The wise use of words is perhaps the single most potent tool man has when it comes to managing his relationships with fellow men.

When one does perceive a situation which can blow out of proportion as tempers are on a steady ascent and patience is waning, the prudent step to take is one of dialogue-intervention. Diplomacy holds the key to Peace. Therefore, without taking sides, the one who wishes to proactively intervene, has to make the use of small but emphatic words ! Each phrase so uttered must be done so with caution, as something inappropriate may upset the cart and ruin the situation.

Voice modulation is also important. It is interesting to know that one can be serious without being aggressive; raising the pitch of one’s voice, doesn’t necessarily imply putting forth a stronger point. In fact, as seen in most instances, it implies the very opposite. So whoever wants to present his or her opinion ought to do the same in a way that is noticed and accepted, but positively.

Intervention in a potentially explosive situation is not easy – however, someone must display the courage and pragmatism to do take that all important step; or else fights will become the norm and the air we breathe will be infused with mistrust and fear. The one who wants to pick a fight at the drop of a hat isn’t a hero – it’s the one who gives peace a fair chance.

Managing myriad moods and walking the tight rope of official deadlines, projects and meetings can add up to quite a formidable combination of delicately balanced circumstances. Skidding off-course is easy and so is disturbing the equilibrium around us. Giving into rumors and gossip is the habit of the weak and spine-less. Why should one believe hearsay? Why entertain gossip mongers? Why not find out the facts for oneself? Isn’t that the hallmark of a rational individual ? It most certainly is.

Our World is full of doubters and haters. People are bogged down by the weight of financial pressures and stress manifests itself by venting on the unsuspecting and vulnerable targets. Stop such unfair as soon as you get a whiff of it . No one deserves to be made a scapegoat. No one ought to bear the brunt of someone else’s egoistical whims and fancies. Take a stand now – be bold and righteous. Above all, give peace and harmony a fair and fighting chance!

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