Secrets to a Happy Relationship


We all as humans have an inherent tendency of bonding with the people of our kind. Interactions, sharing and exchange of love comes natural to us.Life seems beautiful when spent in company of people we like.  It is more about finding a complementing soul to let you enjoy life to its fullest First our parents, family and friends complete our world but then comes a time when the need of that special someone set the heartbeats at an increased rate like never before.


Here are some tried, tested and scientifically proved tips and secrets to a happy relationship-


1.  Even the millionth meeting is the first!


Treating your partner like your first date keeps the relationship lively. People grow and change with time and so do their opinions, likes and dislikes. To maintain an understanding, never assume that you know your partner fully. Always avoid reaching the stage where you take the other for granted. This will make your relationship stronger and will instill a breath of fresh air in the daily monotonous talks.


2. Attention is Ace


Probably the most important element found in the relationships of happy couples is the attention that they pay to each-others’ needs. Keeping a tab of what your partner loves and show your concern.It is very significant in the bonding you both share. Dropping romantic text messages, sending flowers and cards never become obsolete. Express your feelings of love once in a while and it surely works!


3. Time is the Holy Shrine


Spending quality time with your mate despite busy schedules, tough work regimes and financial pressure reduces the burden of all the tensions that have bothered you throughout the day. Sharing some hearty talks and moments of love with emotional exchange can act as a great stress buster.


4. Success Sharers are Great Lovers


Recent surveys and researches have proved that a relationship where partners appreciate each-others’ success and encourage to keep doing well professionally last more than the relationships where envy and narrow mindedness lead to fall-outs. So find opportunities to celebrate small and big achievements of one another and experience the ecstasy of being a moral reason for that achievement.


5. Say No to an overdose of rom-coms


Living in the world of rom-coms and wishful love stories lead to unnecessary troubles in real life relationships. Avoid expecting ideal situations and perfect partners. Unveil the qualities of your partner by being realistic. Floating into fantasies sure is a great escape but never let it ruin the way your relationship is special in its own way.


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