Secret Love


Love is one of the strongest emotions and when we are in love everything around us changes. Colorless objects becomes colorful and even the most trivial object seems to be beautiful in our eyes. This is the essence of love. The term ‘secret love’ has a number of implications. It varies from one perspective to another.

Secret love may apply to those who are secretly in love with each other, fearing or perhaps not bothering to disclose it to the world. It may imply to those who are secretly nurturing love for someone in their heart fearing to express it. Or it may even be applicable to those who are committed to someone yet having an affair secretly with someone else. Indeed the world of love is complicated, but it is one of the most beautiful feelings if it is coupled with honesty, trust and complete devotion from each other.

Let us take a close look at each of the scenarios mentioned above

Firstly, there are people who are secretly in love with each other, happy in their world, oblivious to what others are thinking and not bothering to disclose it to anyone. There are many reasons for not wanting to reveal one’s love to the world. For example, it could just be that one is not ready to take that next step. Whatever the case might be, the couples secretly in love are definitely in fear of others view. Their problem might center on certain social barriers, family obligations and certain other issues. However whatever the problem may be, it is necessary to brush aside all of it, as quickly as possible.

Secondly, there are instances where one nurtures love for someone secretly in his/her heart but is scared to express it. This is a problem which many faces and it is something very natural. But, there is actually no point in secretly harboring love for someone without expressing it. Is there? If you are in love do not hesitate to go and express it. You never know he/she might be having the same feeling for you. However if he/she does not reciprocate your love do not be disheartened. Enjoy the fact that you have had the privilege of loving someone. It is after all a wonderful feeling.

Thirdly, there are cases in which one is already committed to someone but, is having a secret affair with another. There are so many reasons for having an affair. Many times one may be unhappy in his/her current relationship, turning to an affair as an escape. An affair definitely raises the question of trust. Can a couple survive an affair or will the mistrust always be an issue? It is essential that you have complete trust in your partner before committing yourself to him/her.

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