Say “I Love You” in multiple languages

Nothing brings a smile better than I love You said straight from core of one’s being.

We all surely enjoy pampering our sweetheart with lovely words. Don’t we? Nothing can be more special than saying these three golden words to our loved one. To say I Love You in different languages, you can take a look at some of these listed below:

English – I love you


Afrikaans- Ek is lief vir jou Ek het jou lief


Dutch- Ik hou van jou


Polish – Ja Kocham Ciebie


Irish- taim i’ ngra leat


French – Je T’aime


Swedish – Jag älskar dig


Hindi – Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte Hai


Yiddish- Ikh hob dikh lib


Czech – Miluji Te


Tibetan- Nga Chola Gagai Yo


Slovakian – Lu’Bim Ta


Arabic – Ana behibak/Ana behibek


Italian – Ti Amo


Russian – Ya tebya liubliu


Ukrainian – Ya Tebe Kahayu


Swedish – Jag alskar dig


German – Ish Libe Dish


Turkish – Seni Seviyorum


Chinese – Wo Ai Ni


Greek – S’agapo


Urdu – mai aap say pyaar karta hoo


Hawaiian – Aloha Wau Ia Oi


Lithuianian – Tav Myliu


Welsh – ‘Rwy’n dy garu di


Korean – Sa Rang Hae Yo


Japanese – Ai Shi Te Ru


Romanian – Te Ubsec


Bosnian – Volim Te


Albanian – Te Dua


Filipino – Mahal Kita


Spanish – Te Amo

Love needs no language for expression, though, at times, expressing your love becomes a necessity. In this busy life, you and your sweetheart may not really have the time to express your true feelings. Saying I love you, in a different language is a wonderful way to surprise him or her.

So here are some unique and exquisite ways of popping up the question before your darling as to whether he or she reciprocates your love or not.

  • If you are a woman trying to propose your love to your hubby then the best way can be of going down on your knees and asking him whether he loves you or not. Well, the times have changed and believe me! Your hubby would be left with no other choice than to accept your offer.
  • If you are a religious person then you can take your beloved to a worship place and can propose your love to him or her in a very simple and sweet manner.
  • If you know that your loved one intends to propose his or her love for you but is too shy to do so, then take the initiative yourself. Take him or her out for drinks or whatever he or she enjoys doing and then ask him or her to propose his or her love for you.
  • If your beloved likes any particular sport then the things become easier for you. You can take them to watch their favorite sport and can propose your love to him or her in the middle of the game.
  • If you want to make your proposal of love a formal affair then you can take your beloved to a coffee date and can place a ring in his or her coffee. When your loved one would finish his or her cup of coffee and would find a ring at the bottom of the cup then he or she would definitely fall for your charming way and would definitely say yes to your proposal.Make use of these relevant tips and ideas and propose your love in one if the charming and captivating way.

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