Romantic Valentine’s Ideas


“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead” – Oscar Wilde.

Likewise, it is very important for people to express their love to each other. True, love is not seen rather felt. But once in a while, all of us crave for attention and a little pampering never harmed anyone! So on this Valentine’s, pour your heart out to the person you love without hesitation, live and love in the moment, because no one knows what life will have in store for you tomorrow!

Cook together
Get a cookbook and experiment in the kitchen. Piece of advice – hot chillies, avocado, chocolates, oysters and red wine are aphrodisiac foods!

Watch a movie together
Catch up on some classic romantic flick at home with a sumptuous take-away dinner and a bottle of champagne. ‘ When Harry met Sally’ , ‘ Sleepless in Seattle ‘, ‘ The Notebook ‘, ‘ A Lot Like Love ‘ and ‘ Love Actually ‘ are some hot Valentine favourites.

Karaoke night
Look up on a bar/club with karaoke. Sing and dance the night away!

Bubble bath
Aromatic candles, a warm bubble bath, champagne, slow romantic music and the two of you. Now that’s what I call mushy love!

Extreme sports
Are you and your partner adrenaline junkies? Well then surprise each other by going for a sport of your choice (bungee jumping, for instance), you know like ‘ Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara ‘ style! If your city does not cater to a sport that you like, Google a nearby city that does. Perfect excuse to get out of the humdrum of your native place!

Stay at a five star
This valentine’s, book a room at a five star near you and spend your day there. Oh! The bliss of a lavish breakfast, lunch and dinner coupled with extravagant interiors, fluffy pillows and room service just a dial away!

Picnic time!
When was the last time you went for a picnic? I’m guessing your answer is, “Don’t remember”. Yeah, gone are the days when people would pack up snacks and hop on a dilapidated van which could barely accommodate a joint family of 20.

So, how about you bring those days back? Only this time there won’t be a broken down car nor a clan of chachas and chachis, mamas and mamis . Here’s my idea – pack your picnic basket and go to a park or any place you can find with a lot of greenery (and some privacy!) Hurray, it’s picnic time!

Explore nature
Take a trip to the hills and go for trekking and camping. Enjoy the splendid beauty of nature. Let yourselves loose and hear the birds chirping instead of constant car honks, listen to the stillness of the trees rather than the hustle-bustle of urban dwellers. Be one with the earth. Be one with each other. Imagine there’s only you and your sweetheart in this whole, awesome world. I’m feeling ‘Blue Lagoon’ here. What about you?

Remember to keep on adding a romantic touch to each of these ideas. It can be a simple kiss on the cheek, slipping a love note in his/her pocket or just whispering sweet nothings into one another’s ears. Say what you want to before time runs out!. You can send love messages.

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