Romantic Perfumes

Discover our guide to fragrances to the mood – and maybe share it with someone in need of gift ideas!
Romantic perfumes are the best gifts for your beloved. It is suitable for all occasions- Birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or even Christmas. It is for any and every occasion. However, choosing the right kind of perfume might be a difficult task. You can take the help of any knowledgeable salesperson or you can find pot about your beloved favorite fragrances.

Your bedroom is the place where you will find only your beloved with you and no one around to disturb. Make your bedroom a perfect place for romance that will bring you both all the more close to each other.

Romance Fragrance
Some of the common kinds of Romance Fragrance are as follows:

Oriental fragrances:

Romantic Perfumes
Oriental fragrances

These are very strong perfumes combining essences of spices and vanilla. They usually fill the air with a dense exotic smell.

Floral fragrances:

Romance Fragrance
Floral fragrances

This is the most traditional perfume popular amongst most of the perfume lovers. It captures the essences of fragrant flowers.

Fruit fragrances:

Fruit fragrances

This is the most popular fragrance nowadays. It has a very fresh fruit and grass fragrance. It is most popular among youngsters.

Chypre fragrances:

The Most Romantic Fragrances of All Time
Chypre fragrances

These perfumes combine the wonders of earthly smells like oak moss with flower aroma. It usually has a warm and delicate scent.

Here are some interesting facts that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the right kind of romantic perfume for your beloved.

  • There are different types of fragrances, each differing by the alcohol content. Some of the common types are toilette, cologne, after-bath splash and perfume oils.
  • While selecting perfumes, the personality types must always be kept in mind. For collage going students or funky individuals fond of experimenting, fruit fragrances are perfect. For middle aged people floral perfumes are the best. Cologne work well for people who are not much into the habit of using perfumes.
  • While buying perfumes never make the mistake of trying too many scents. You can never make a correct selection in that way. According to experts your power to detect fragrances is numbed after trying 3 to 4 perfumes.

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