Romantic Love Riddles

Have a passion for riddles about love? We hope you’ll adore this collection of love riddles with answers.

Love Card
Love Riddle Card

When I look at her, she smiles at me. When I wink at her, she winks at me. When I kiss her, she kisses me back. When I say I love you, she says it back. Who am I?
Answer: Your own reflection in the mirror.

Made by God in pairs, separated at birth on Earth, found after years of search, inseparable for the rest of the time. What am I?
Answer: Soulmates.

Love Wishes

What is another word for joy that starts with H, but for me it starts with U?
Answer: Happiness.

What did number 2 say to number 1?
Answer: Are you single?

Love Image

What did the phone say to the WiFi?
Answer: We definitely have a connection.

What date do single people have on Valentine’s Day?
Answer: February 14th.

Love Images

Why does love need sunglasses and a cane?
Answer: Because love is blind.

What did the train say to his Valentine?
Answer: I choo-choo-choose you!

Love Images Card

What did the little boy sheep say to the little girl sheep on Valentine’s Day?
Answer: I love “ewe.”

What did the boy rabbit say to the girl rabbit on Valentine’s Day?
Answer: Some “bunny” loves you.

What did the paper clip say to the magnet?
Answer: I find you very “attractive.”

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