Romantic Flowers

Flowers all over the world have certain symbols attached to them that have come to be associated through ancient legends and stories. The language of flowers is officially known as Floriography. Even the Japanese have a name for it – ‘Hanakotoba’. We use the language of flowers to communicate things that are difficult to express otherwise. A well-known example is that of love. Have you ever been tongue- tied to say those three magical words to the person you admire the most? Well then, read on to find out the different floral ways through which you can express your feelings!

Red Rose

Love Roses
A red rose is the perfect way to say “I love you”

An eternal symbol of love, a red rose is the perfect way to say “I love you” to someone special. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the red rose was closely associated with the Goddess of Love. Be it in a bouquet of roses or a single red rose sprinkled with Baby’s Breath, a red rose will never go wrong as long as it is for the right person!

Red Tulip

Red Tulip
Tulips stand for perfect love

A graceful flower, red tulips represent ‘perfect love’. It acquired this symbol through a Turkish legend according to which, when Prince Farhad learned of his beloved Shirin’s death, he killed himself by riding his horse over a cliff. It is believed that red tulips began to grow in places where the Prince’s blood lay on the ground. So use this pretty flower for your better half, to let them know that they are special.


Beautiful Love flowers
Myrtle – Symbolizes joy and happiness.

According to Hebrew culture, the myrtle flower is the hallmark of love and marriage. It is no surprise then that myrtle flowers are also used in weddings. Moreover, the flower symbolizes joy and happiness. Myrtle is considered sacred to Aphrodite (Goddess of Love & Beauty) as well as Demeter (Goddess of the Harvest). Perhaps you can use myrtle in your wedding bouquet (a common European custom) or wear a crown of myrtle at your wedding! (Ukrainian tradition).


Forget-Me-Not romantic flower
Symbol of everlasting memories

As the name suggests, Forget-Me-Not flowers symbolize love and remembrance. According to a heartbreaking legend, a knight and his lady were walking by a riverside. The knight bent down to pick up some flowers but due to his armor, he fell into the river. As he was drowning he threw the flowers at his lady love and shouted “Forget me not!”. There are many other stories associated with this flower. For instance, a German legend goes that while creating the Earth, God gave everything a name. But he forgot to name a little flower. And so that he never forgets it again, God named it “Forget Me Not”. These flowers are thus given as symbols of everlasting memories.


Honeysuckle romantic flower
Honeysuckle represents love, fidelity, and devoted affection.

According to the French, honeysuckle represents love, fidelity, and devoted affection. It emits a sweet fragrance and most of its species produce edible fruits. Give this flower to your partner and show him/her how generous your love is!

Red Chrysanthemum

Red Chrysanthemum
Perfect for a third or fourth date

These flowers are especially for new lovers, signifying the establishment of a new relationship or an invite to a relationship. These would be perfect for a third or fourth date! But be careful that you choose the correct color because yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes rejection of love!

Red Carnation

Red Carnation
Carnations convey deep love

While these delicate flowers come in many colors, light-red carnations represent admiration and dark-red carnations convey deep love. Carnations are lovely flowers to give and also among the most dainty.

So rekindle your romance with these beautiful flowers and let their magic bewitch your partner!

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