Right Way to Clean Veggies

Right Way to Clean Veggies
Right Way to Clean Veggies

How many of us actually know the right way to clean veggies once we have brought them home?

  1. Wash your hands before you wash groceries
  2. Discard the #polybag that you bought groceries in, in a closed dustbin
    Wash your hands after discarding the container
  3. Limit grocery visits to once in two weeks, if possible.
  4. For unwrapped fresh goods, which could have been handled by anyone – wash thoroughly under running water and leave to dry.
  5. There is no need to wash fruits and vegetables with detergent or soap.
  6. You may soak fruits, vegetables in diluted vinegar, salt or lemon water for few hours and then leave to dry.
  7. Never use a bleach solution to wash fruits/ vegetables.
  8. People above the age of 60 are advised to get their groceries delivered outside your home.
  9. Stayindoors and staysafe
    Maintain Social Distanacing and avoid going out unless entirely necessary.

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