Republic day Bravery Awards

Happy Republic Day
Bravery Awards

The National Bravery Awards are a set of awards given annually to about 25 Indian children  for performing outstanding deeds of bravery.

As the Republic Day Parade glides down the decorated Rajpath under tight security, the onlookers are eager to catch a glimpse of the “brave people”, who have dared to be different. The recipients of the bravery award are present at the venue of the Republic Day celebrations. They take part in the Republic Day Parade on January 26th. However, they are conferred the title mainly on the eve or 2 days in advance.

Bravery Awards for Children

The National Bravery Award Scheme is an effort of Indian Council for Child Welfare, wherein, children who have braved the adverse situations to save a life are recognized and felicitated.
Ever since its inception in 1957, children have been honored and encouraged. They set example for innumerable other budding individuals in the country.
Categories of Bravery Awards Different types of awards are given away to the eligible. The different categories of these awards are –

The Bharat Award (started in 1987)
The National Bravery Award (started in 1957)
The Bapu Gayadhani Award (started in 1988)
The Geeta Chopra Award (started in 1978)
The Sanjay Chopra Award (started in 1978)

How are recipients of Bravery Awards selected?
The Zilla Parishad, State Government Departments and Central Government Departments, State and Union Territory Councils, and School Authorities across the country receive applications from all quarters. A special committee is formed by ICCW or Indian Council for Child Welfare to look into the selection process. The committee comprises individuals representing the Vice President and the President, Cetral Social Welfare Board, Government Departments and Ministries.

Representatives from Doordarshan and All India Radio are also present for the selection process.

In fact the popular NGOs also play an important role in selecting the recipients of the award. Names of prominent NGOs participating include SOS Children’s Villages of India, National Bal Bhavan, and Ramakrishna Mission. Finally, a unanimous selection draws out the final list of the Bravery Awards recipients.

With what are the Bravery Awards recipients felicitated?
In addition to recognition, the recipients receive medal, cash, and certificate of bravery. Most importantly, the children receive financial aid that enables them to complete their schooling and graduation. So, the school expenses are borne by the Indian Council for Child Welfare.

Expenses related to professional courses like medical and engineering are also borne by a program under Indira Gandhi Scholarship Scheme. The names of the recipients are announced on November 14th, which is observed as Children’s Day.
If the recipients of the award intend to study medical or polytechnic, a couple of seats are reserved for them under the scholarship scheme. This was announced by the officials of the Indian Government way back in the year 2009.

Bravery Awards – History
The concept of National Bravery Awards was first conceived by Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the first Prime Minister of the country. In the year 1957, when the Prime Minister was attending a cultural meet, a fire broke out due to short circuit. Reacting bravely to the situation, a 14-year old Harish Chandra (a scout) tore apart the shamiana, thereby saving lives of hundreds of people who had assembled there. As per instructions of Pandit Nehru, the boy was awarded. Since then, bravery awards have become popular in the country.

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