Relationship Expectations

Relationship Expectations
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Expectations in a relationship form the basis of whether or not the partnership works for both people. By shifting your mindset, your relationship can become happier, more peaceful and more productive.

Expectations! Expectations! And more Expectations! Having Relationship expectations from one’s beloved has always remained an integral part of the love relationships. Well, why not? After all the person who is in love has full right to have some anticipation from his or her loved one. But sometimes these expectations cross the said limits and can cause great problems. But hey! Love is all about trying to present one’s beloved with the best of both the worlds. Isn’t it?

Though the question remains as to why these unfulfilled expectations cause such great problems in love relationships. Why do we feel so bad if our lover is not able to fulfill our expectations? Well here are a few ideas that can help you in understanding as to why the unfulfilled expectations cause such havoc in blissful romantic relationships.


  • We are often taught to have great expectations from our beloveds but when these expectations are not fulfilled, we get highly disappointed and these frustrations often come out in the form of anger and moaning.
  • Another great problem with expectations is that they often don’t come true, no matter how much the other person tries and then again frustrations are increased in the relationship.
  • It is always said that the lovers should always communicate their needs and problems with each other. But when it comes to communicating one’s expectations, then most of the people shy away from doing so as they expect their beloveds to themselves find out the expectations and some even view this as a test of their love.
  • Most of us often have this belief that our loved ones would make only appropriate and best choices for both of us as well as the relationship. But when this does not happen, it gives rise to tensions and frustrations in the otherwise loving relationship.
  • It is always better to understand the golden rule that no expectations always lead to fewer disappointments. So try to minimize your expectations and be happy in your lovely relationship.
  • Disappointments are always said to follow the expectations. In our disappointments, we sometimes even ignore the rational excuses provided by our darlings for not being able to fulfill the expectations.

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