Reasons Why I Love You

Are you looking for the perfect words to express your love to your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife? Here are some beautiful reasons why I love you list.

Love Card
I Love You Because You Call Me Baby…

I love how I see myself through your eyes.


Love Messages Card
I Love Your Sensuality!

The way you hold me like you never want to let me go.

You were meant to meet me at that exact time in our lives.
I love the way you caress my face
I love your passion for me.


Love Message Card
I have embraced many beautuful memories…

You would text or call me every day to make sure that I’m ok.

How you would stroke my fingers when we hold hands.


Love Kiss Cad
You are the one, my true love always!

You always make me feel that you’ll never cheat on me and I have faith in it.

How you kiss my forehead when you leave for work every day.


Love Card
You are a great person…

I love the way you sing to me, especially when our song is being played.

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