Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Want to do Ramadan 2020 home decorations in a unique way? Get creative Ramadan decoration ideas to decorate home this Ramadan.

Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Ramadan is a distinctive time of soul searching and self assessment as one delves deeper into spirituality, observes self control and compassion towards the needy. Embrace the holiness of this pious month by decorating your home for the season with your family members.

1. Decorate your home
Decorate your home for Ramadan by adorning a shelf or a wall with a festive streamer wishing ‘Ramadan Kareem’. Use streamers to deck up the front door as well and just a few days before Eid, you can always switch your ‘Ramadan Kareem’ wishing streamers with ‘Eid Mubarak’ streamers and banners as eid will be just coming in.

2. Lighten up your house

Ramadan Decoration
Lighten up your house

Lights elevate the festive atmosphere manifolds. Decorate your house with electric lanterns, LED strip lights in various colors as well as crescent moon and star LED decorative lanterns to ring in the festivities of Ramadan. Decorate the outside of your house, staircase, mantle place, shelves etc. with theses festive lights.

3. A Ramadan Display

Simple Ramadan Decoration Ideas You Can Do at Home
Ramadan Display

Decorate a table to adorn the front entry of your house in a creative way. Place all the Ramadan creativity made by your kids as display on this table. You may add Eid countdown posters and treats filled Jars on this table as well. Also, you may ask your children to make and place a Ramadan good deed tree on this table and attach notes of all the good deeds done by them. This will be a creative way to explain them the real meaning of Ramadan.

4. Savor the dates

Best Ramadan Decoration images in 2020
Savor the dates

It is a tradition to break the fast by eating dates. Enjoy this tradition by placing dates in an elegant ornamental glass jar decorated with Ramadan motifs. These jars can also be used to decorate the display table or used as a centerpiece during Eid celebrations.

5. Include the kids
Involve the kids in the decorations of Ramadan. Pick creative art and craft ideas that you can give them to help in the decorations of the house. Help them make garlands, streamers, eid Mubarak table decorative, crescent moon etc. to place around the house.

Ramadan Mubarak!!

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