Quarantine Travel Related Puns

The Internet currently has become big goldmine for travel-related puns. Here are some of them to make your day.


1. I’ve been Washington’s of utensils.

2. We need all the Lucknow more than ever before..


3. Venice this going to get over?

4. DUBAI your masks and gloves and wear them


5. I’ve decided to finally wear my New Jersey which I’ve been storing for ages.

6. This Spain is real.

Lock Down
India Gate

7. Quarantine has made my Delhi routine too boring.

8. You can’t say when this lockdown will be over, Kenya?


9. Mysore throat is on account of endless Zoom chats these days.

10. Wives are now Cochin their husbands new skills (dish washing, mopping?)

Oman Image

11. Oman, I really can’t wait to Rome around.

12. At this rate, I see my savings Dublin

13. Maybe Indore is not such a bad place after all.

14. Stay home, stay safe. What’s the Russia?

15. I’m sorry, but Iran out of travel puns.

We hope these managed to bring brought a smile on your face

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