Photo Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday card
Happy Birthday Photo card

Make their day shine with a photo birthday card! It’s easy to put a smile on their face with a funny card, get plenty of hugs with a cute card.

Photo birthday cards are a perfect way to greet your dear ones on their birthdays. A photo can actually tell a story. So, when you choose photo cards for birthday greetings, make sure you go for the right visuals that can best convey your warm wishes.

Where to Find Photo Birthday Cards

Personalized Birthday cards
Birthday Cards With Photos

Birthday cards with photos are available in any card and gifts store or a website which specializes in these cards. These websites give you the opportunity to personalize the cards with photos and text of your choice. All you have to do is upload the photos, and the websites will have the photos added to your cards. Once you approve the photo, you’ll have the birthday photo cards just ready for you!

Photo Birthday Cards You May Choose

Warm Birthday Wishes cards
Happy Birthday Wishes

If you’re looking for a birthday photo card for your kid, personalize e-cards with a smiling photo of your kid. Alternatively, you can customize an e-card with a photo of your kid and a teddy bear. You may choose cards that have photos of chocolates and toys that your kids would love to possess.
Just in case you’re looking for photo birthday cards to convey your best wishes to an adult, you may include images of cakes and candles. Such cards communicate your wishes for your dear one to enjoy his/her birthday with parties and celebrations. However, photo birthday cards with bright and colorful floral images can be offered to both kids and adults to wish that they enjoy and have lots of fun on their special day.

Regarding the text used in photo birthday cards, you should go for words that indicate celebrations, parties and enjoyment. You may choose cards which have simple words, but they should convey your wishes and excitement on your dear one’s birthday. When going through the card, your loved one should realize how valuable he/she is to you.The text on birthday photo cards should excite your dear ones and add to their fun and enjoyment on one of the most important days of their lives.

Handmade Photo Birthday Cards
A special way to send warm greetings to your loved ones is to gift them handmade birthday photo cards having a collage. Here’s a list of the materials you’ll need to create this handmade card.

  • Cardstock
  • Photos you’d like to include in the collage
  • Scrap decorative paper for the card background
  • Craft knife
  • An adhesive you prefer
  • Steel ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Sketch paper
  • Watercolor paint


Below, you will find a step-by-step instruction of how to create handmade photo birthday cards having a collage.

  1. Choose a theme for your card.
  2. Get the photos (matching the theme) for the collage ready.
  3. Apply bright colors on the decorative paper to make it attractive.
  4. Fold the cardstock to get the desired size for the card.
  5. Glue the scrap decorative paper to the cardstock.
  6. Arrange the collage pieces and glue them to the decorative paper.
  7. Write an interesting text within the card.

Birthday cards with photos help convey special birthday wishes to your dear ones. These cards are an interesting way to make your loved ones happy, so that they enjoy their birthday celebrations to the fullest!

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