Passover Gift Ideas


Traditional Passover Gift Ideas
Passover Gift Ideas for your loved ones

Passover is a Jewish festival which calls for gala celebration with family and friends. It is a regular practice to give and take Passover gifts to and from Seder feasts. After all, it is a grand celebration marked with a grand dinner and what could be better than attractive Passover gifts? The traditional gifts of Passover that are usually exchanged are boxes of fruits and sweets. There is also a custom to gift wines, being used for the rituals of Seder. Another gift idea for Passover is Passover flowers that happen to be the most obvious choice for everybody. Link it all up with Passover – a day of celebration with tasty dishes and wine glasses. You could also gift varied kinds of dishware and silverware as Passover presents to the ones to come over to your Passover party.

Remember that in a Seder feast, only Matzah foods are allowed, but one can also carry with them chocolate covered Matzah foods or crackers or Kosher foods and drinks. The other options for Passover gifts are Seder plates, Haggadah books – all of which has a religious significance.

Don’t forget to explore options like Matzah and Afikomen covers, Table centerpieces and dinnerware. They are good gift ideas for Pesach feasts. During this Jewish festival which is usually celebrated around April, calls for cleaning the house and making everything perfect. The main aim is to remove the yeast from all corners of the house. This festival of Passover commences at the sunset on the 14th day of Nisan (falling in March or April) and continues for either seven or eight days. It is otherwise known as the feast of Unleavened Bread.

Types of Passover Gifts
There is a habit to exchange gifts among the Jews with one another during this festive occasion. Passover gifts are the best way to reciprocate love and regard and Passover gift items generally include artistic ones like.

Passover Presents

Jewish Holiday Gift ideas
Passover Gifts for the Seder

Passover Flowers

Flowers in a Pot
Floral Table Centerpiece

Tea Boxes for Passover

Passover Drinks
Tea Gift Boxes for Passover

Fruit Boxes for Passover

Organic Fruit Gift Basket
Fresh & Delicious Passover Fruit Bouquets

Passover Card Games

Fun Activities with Playing Cards
Playing Cards Gift Set


Traditional Passover Wine
Wine – Popular Passover Drink

Beeswax Candles

Jewish Festival Candles
Passover Decorative Beeswax Candle Gifts

Other Passover gift items comprise of – Jewish religious books, Jewish symbols, religious items, jewelry pieces, music, books, kosher gift basket, and Judaica greeting cards. These are all traditional Passover gifts which are commonly exchanged among friends. Besides all these, Kosher wines and Matzah covers happen to be wonderful Passover gift basket ideas.

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