Online Dating Tips

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With social networking ruling the roost, our concepts about friendships and even dating have evolved. Online dating has undergone a complete makeover. Here are a few online dating tips that you should keep in mind before embarking on this platform:

  • The first thing that attracts you to someone is physical appearance. But looks can often be deceptive, especially when it comes to someone you’re viewing through a computer screen. Sure, that guy may be a total hottie or that girl may be drop-dead gorgeous but who would want to fall prey to cyber crime? So to avoid any mishap, ensure that the person’s profile is legit.
  • Don’t jump into things. We know the raging hormones that send a rush of adrenaline through you when you see a good-looking person who may also be interested in you but get a grip before you decide to take it to the next level. Take your time to know the other person.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, reveal personal information on your first, second or even the third online date. In fact, there’s no need to go into intimate details online. The foremost purpose of online dating, as I see it, is to first judge whether the person is dating material. You actually start dating the person after meeting him / her!
  • So you decide to meet this person who only sometime back was a complete stranger. You’ve done a thorough background check on them. Nothing fishy there. They seem completely fine! But just to be extra careful, don’t go to meet this person alone, perhaps you can take a friend along. There have been a few instances as reported by the media, where first meetings have led to people being killed because the girl’s profile was actually faked by a guy to take revenge and all that kind of stuff. Yes, unfortunately things like these are not only limited to movies.
  • Make your account on a verified and trusted online dating site. And, stay away from those who want to “fraandships” with you.
  • Even after you’ve met them once or twice, don’t be quick to make a final judgement. As I have said before, take your time to know the other person.
  • While making an account, don’t put in over-the-top fake information. Be as modest as possible and avoid giving details like your phone number or address.
  • If you’re really into online dating, purchase an extra SIM card and an alternative email id. This might seem a bit wary on your part but trust me, it is only for your safety. Try to talk to the other person on the phone before actually meeting them.
  • Online dating has really gathered momentum during these past years. But don’t get too caught up in this labyrinth of virtual love because what has its pros, almost every time has its cons as well. So take steps with extreme care before sailing on your love boat!

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