Onam Gift Ideas

Onam is the festival of social communion. Apart from offering puja to the Almighty it is also the festival of seeking blessings from the elders of the family and exchanging pleasantries among people of diverse religious beliefs. Choose an expressive presentation for the ones you adore and make this Onam momentous for them.

Onam is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by the Malayalis in Kerala and any other part of the world. Traditionally, the Malayalis offer exciting gifts to each other on this auspicious occasion, thus raising the level of enthusiasm with which this festival is observed. Read on to get ideas for Onam gifts that can bring a smile on your dear ones’ faces.

Below, you will find ideas to help you offer the perfect gift to your loved ones.

Silver Coins

Onam Gift Ideas
Silver Coins
  • Traditionally, elders in a family have been offering silver coins to children and the young members on the Onam.
  • Silver coins having images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi are gifted on this auspicious occasion, as they are considered to bring wealth and prosperity in anyone’s life.
  • Aside from silver coins, you may gift items made of silver, such as lamps and worship trays to your nearest and dearest ones.


Delicious sweets
Sweets on Onam
  • One of the most interesting Onam gift ideas is a pack of homemade sweets that can be sent to your dear ones on this important occasion.
  • you can get a mixed pack having different types of sweets. Just make sure the sweets you buy are beautifully covered with gift wrappers that add a special touch to your Onam gifts.
  • Some of the sweets that are often gifted during this festival are mawa modak (modak is the favorite food of Lord Ganesha), white barfi, pure kaju katli, and pista roll.
  • These sweets will surely offer a delightful treat to your dear ones and help increase the sweetness in your relation with them.
  • Sweets like chocolate barfi, chocolate modak, and kaju kesar pista are those delicacies that can be gifted to your loved ones on the occasion of Onam.


Flower gift ideas
  • Onam is popularly known as the festival of rain flowers. Also, flowers have a special significance during the Onam, as they are used to create floral mats or Pookalams with beautiful artwork and designs.
  • The pookalams are usually created on the floors at the entrance of a home or its rooms. Thus, a bouquet of fresh flowers gifted on this occasion will not only help create colorful pookalams but also add to the festive mood and help convey your love and warmth to your dear ones.
  • An interesting idea for floral Onam gifts is a bunch of bright red colored carnations arranged with green fillers. Alternatively, you may gift bright red, pink, or yellow carnations that come in baskets decorated with ribbons and streamers.
  • Artificial silk flowers like roses, gerberas, and carnations arranged in a bouquet are interesting Onam gifts ideas that can delight your loved ones on this important occasion.

Combo Gifts

Gift Basket
Combo Gifts
  • One of the best Onam gift ideas is a combo pack which includes multiple items like chocolates, teddies, fresh fruits, and a box of sweets that add to the flavor of the festive occasion.
  • You can gift a combo pack including chocolates, a bunch of flowers, and a teddy bear. This is the perfect present you can offer to your teenager sister on the occasion of Onam.
  • Aside from a combo gift including chocolates and flowers, you may go for combo packs that have chocolates and fresh fruits which reflect the fact that the Onam is the time for good harvest.
  • One of the most exciting Onam gift ideas is a combo pack having a vase full of bright flowers, a pack of sweets, and chocolates.
  • Combo packs having dry fruits and chocolates can make that perfect gift for conveying your warm wishes to your loved ones during the Onam.



Gift traditional or western dresses
  • Onam is the time when people offer traditional clothes to their near and dear ones. However, if one prefers western dresses, he or she can be gifted something trendy to wear on this special occasion. Whether you gift traditional or western dresses, the choice and the comfort of the recipient matter the most.


Silver ornaments
  • A beautiful piece of jewelry is one of the most interesting Onam gifts that can be offered to your loved ones on this happy occasion. Be it traditional gold jewelry, silver ornaments, or trendy fashion jewelry embellished with precious stones, such a gift is sure to make your dear ones happy during this festival.

Home Décor Items

  • One of the popular Onam gift ideas is a home décor item which most people would love to receive on this occasion. That’s because people make sure that they decorate their houses during the Onam so as to create the festive mood which enhances their joy and happiness.
  • One of the most exciting Onam gifts is a wall hanging that comes with beautiful embroidery work and fantastic colors to adorn your house.
  • Handcrafted torans in various colors and designs are one of the best Onam gifts ideas for your dear ones.
  • These torans are adorned with beads, sea shells, and Gujrati puppets which make it look adorable indeed. Aside from these torans, you may go for the ones having zardosi work that give the items a royal touch.
  • Torans with zardosi work are often decorated with silver kundans and golden beads. Sometimes, these torans are embellished with hanging bells which add to their beauty.

Gift Certificates

  • You can offer a gift certificate to your loved ones during the Onam. They’ll surely appreciate such a gift from you because they can use it to get items of their choice on this festive time period.

Religious Items

Pooja thali
Religious Items
  • One of the most exciting Onam gift ideas for your loved ones is a religious item such as a pooja thali painted in golden or silver color. Such a thali comes with kundan and meenakari work and can add to your home decorations during the Onam.
  • Pooja thalis that include a small bowl, a silver fish, and a lamp for worship can also be offered as Onam gifts to your dear ones.

These ideas for Onam gifts are sure to make your loved ones smile and cheer on this auspicious occasion. In addition to these gifts, you may offer Onam cards to convey your special wishes to your loved ones during this festival.

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