On Your Promotion

Congratulations on your promotion
No one deserves it better than you.

What wonderful news, I am so happy for you. You are the most committed colleague I’ve ever come across. Come rain, come sunshine, nausea or headache your deadlines are always met and your day begins and ends on the basis of work on your table.  Awesome! You’ve been setting tough to match standards at work. Further, the way your seniors and peers respect your work talks a lot about your indispensability.

Some people are disciplined but can’t work hard, others are disciplined and hardworking but can’t strategize. For you, in addition to these traits you bring in truckloads of knowledge, experience and wisdom. You must share your secret of keeping quality above benchmark and still meeting deadlines, every time.

Congratulations! This promotion had to happen, you earned it the hard way.

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