No Tobacco Day



Life is a precious gift that we all are blessed with.  In this journey of life we develop many good and bad habits. The good habits make the journey successful but when we give in to bad habits we end up with regrets. Smoking or tobacco consumption is one such ghastly habit that is harmful, not only for our life but also for the people around us. We do not wish to hurt our loved ones even in our dreams but when we consume tobacco products we expose them to its injurious effects. Sadly, by the time we realize how it is killing us with its poison and we plan to quit the habit, it is already too late.

“Quit Tobacco” this is one decision which we cannot delay any more. So, let’s take a pledge this “No Tobacco Day” that we will stop taking tobacco in any form and we will also make our loved ones free from it.

A healthy you and a healthy me can make the world healthy.

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