New Year Resolutions 2012 – Goals You Can Set for Yourself

New Year resolutions are always special and you should not just make them but follow them as well. Here are some ideas on the resolutions you can make for 2012.

What Can Be Your Resolutions for the Year 2012?

Lose weight and stay fit: Once you spend the Christmas holidays and New Year with a lot of celebrations, sweet treats, and delicacies like candies, cookies, and chocolates, you are most likely to gain weight. So, one of the New Year resolutions that can keep you occupied is to lose some of your weight and stay fit. Every year, fitness clubs offer special deals in January. You should make use of these offers and join one so as to stay fit and fine.

Be on a diet and stay healthy: You need to eat healthy food and keep yourself fit instead of consuming fatty foods, even if it is the holiday season. For example, you should have granola and oatmeal breakfasts and protein-rich salads and fresh fruits for lunch. For dinner, you can go for healthy options like brown rice, fish, and spinach.

Learn new things: Whether you wish to learn music, dance, painting, or a foreign language, get hooked to any of these lessons, and see how enjoyable and rewarding it can become! But you need to maintain the practice if you really want to learn a new art or language and also excel in it.

Give your dear ones some more time: New Year is just the ideal time to reconnect with your family and friends. So, while you send your warm wishes for this special occasion, make sure you spend quality time with them as well. Give your kids some more time and participate in the games they play. You can also try teaching them the ways to make crafts or help them learn how to play and win mind games. If possible, plan a vacation with your wife and family during the holidays and make the most out of it.

Always stick to your budget: Everyone plans a budget but only few can actually stick to it. This leads to overspending and financial stress. This New Year, make a resolution that you will always follow a budget. This is why you need to control your spending, keeping in mind how much you are able to save. Avoid taking out too many loans or credit cards. Use your credit cards wisely and pay right on time so as to avoid getting into debt problems.

As for your personal habits, avoid going out on dinners frequently. Take advantage of shopping deals offered by stores. This will actually help you save more, and this extra amount can be tucked away to your retirement plan.

While you make New Year resolutions 2012, be sure that they are realistic and practical. Otherwise, you won’t be able to follow them and achieve the goals you set at this time of the year.

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