New Year Eve

New Year Eve falls on the 31st December. It is the final day of the Gregorian calendar and the day prior to the New Year’s Day. People celebrate this eve with gaiety and gusto. The reason to celebrate the eve of New Year is to bid farewell to the past year and give a warm welcome to the year ahead. Partying until the moment of the alteration of the year at midnight is the most well-liked way of celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Customs of celebrating New Year’s Eve vary in various parts of the world. It is because of traditional variations. In maximum countries people cut cake as the clock strikes 12 midnight on New Year’s Eve. Their express their joy with flow of the foam of champagne. With parties and social gatherings, people wait for the transition of the year at midnight. Manifestation of Father Time (the old year represented by an old bearded man with a sash across his chest having the previous year printed on it) is a common image of New Year’s Eve celebration. This Father Time gives his responsibilities to the Baby New Year (epitome of New Year represented by a baby wearing a sash with the New Year printed on it).

As soon as the clock strikes at midnight on New Year’s Eve, people start wishing Happy New Year to each other. Many places have the custom to kiss one’s beloved at this time. It is believed that kissing strengthens the bond of affections and ties will be maintained all through the year. Greetings are sent over phone or through SMS and New Year greeting cards to dear ones staying in distant cities.

In each and every part of the planet, New Year’s Eve is the time for merrymaking and dig into the last minute fun. People throng throughout the night at discotheques, clubs, amusement parks and even the cinema halls. People dress in their best attire. Sometimes there is a theme for the New Year’s Eve party. Movie stars, professional dancers and singers cheer up people by their music, dance and performances. People go sky-high in these celebrations with music, dance, lavish dinner and by lighting bonfires and burning crackers.

Some people organize their private parties in order to avoid partying at over crowded places. On the eve of New Year everyone enjoys to the fullest. You can browse our website-Dgreetings to enhance the celebrations with our ecards. Eve prior to the New Year Day is a wonderful chance to forget all your tensions and indulge in merry making and welcome the New Year with hopes and dreams. It is also the time to prepare yourself for the challenges and opportunities and to gather happiness that the coming year has for you in its fold.

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