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When it comes to New Year celebration, people have some of the strangest New Year’s traditions.

Let’s take a trip to various New Year Customs of the world and make our New Year auspicious by incorporating some of these New Year Customs in to our New Year and welcome New Year with open arms and exciting New Year Gift Ideas.

New Year Food is an ecstasy for every one. However, only ring shaped food should be eaten on New Year’s Eve. It is believed that ring shaped food symbolize a circle and is an essence of completion of everything in nature. It is a custom among Dutch people to eat donuts which will bring good fortune. In US, people eat black-eyed peas, hog jowls or ham that signify good luck and prosperity. Cabbage is yet another ‘good luck’ food representing paper currency. Rice is also considered lucky food.

It is a custom among Dutch people to eat donuts which will bring good fortune.

It is a custom to open all doors and windows before midnight so that Old Year can stealthily move away giving room to New Year. It is also a custom to carry gold and silver coins in your hand while visiting your relative to mark the incoming wealth and fortune all round the year.

Gold or Silver coins
New Year Customs

In India, Hindus celebrate Diwali in the month of November to mark the triumph of good over evil. On this day, it is a New Year Custom to worship Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and good fortunes and decorate their houses with little lamps known as diyas. Every nook and corner should be lighted in order to ward off darkness and evil spirits.

New Year Customs

It is also a New Year Custom to sing songs on this day. It is believed that noises and merry making scare away evil spirits and darkness. Hence, a very old song, Auld Lang Syne is sung in every country on New Year’s Eve. offers you the different New Year Gift Ideas from all over the world to include in your New Year Customs and enhance its effectiveness to bring Lady Fortune to your place.

New year eve Party
New year party decorations

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, prepare in advance your New Year party celebration and organize properly your New Year’s event with New Year Party Invitations. New Year Party Invitations will help you to set the right tone for your gala party. If you want that magical kisses to happen at the stroke of midnight, remember to send your New Year Party Invitations first and make sure to send them out early.

However, before planning New Year Party Invitations, there are certain things to be considered. The first thing to be examined is the kind of party that is going to take place. Different parties require different party invitations. It also depends on the fact whether you are making a theme based party or not. Another most important aspect is the budget that will reflect the kind of New Year Party Invitation you have chosen or designed.

The different New Year Party Invitations can be a Bubbly New Year party card, Gold ribbon on Black background, Gold and Silver Invitation card, Toasting Invitations or Vivid Star in translucent Orange as background. There can Party Harty invitation, Martini Toast, Wine Glasses, Football or Bowling Feet, Masquerade Madness and so on as the background for the invitation cards. You can even have theme-based cards. offers you amazing ideas on New Year Party Invitations and its planning. Browse through our website to know more about New Year Party and Party Celebrations.

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