Extending the hand of friendship but with caution!

Best friend day

A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they’re not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they’re not so bad.
~Arnold H. Glasgow

At every turn of a new road we meet new friends. In fact we tend to make new set of friends at every step of our life. Where ever we go we come across new group of people. It is easy to extend our hand of friendship, but we must take care while we proceed on the path of discovery, learning about him/her and getting to know him/her in intimate terms. All new friends cannot be our good friends. We may readily accept our friendship with him/her but, before proceeding to strengthen the bond with that person, make sure he deserves your friendship.

  • A new friend may in the long run turn out to be your true friend. Definitely there is no harm in giving a chance to one of our new friends, to become an enduring part of our life.
  • It should be done with utmost care. Looks can be deceptive. Sometimes a good looking guy/girl may impress you at first sight but, at heart and mind he/she may be treacherous.
  • Before you venture to strengthen the tie with a new friend make sure he/she is genuine.
  • There are instances when one ends up strengthening tie with a new friend only to find that he/she has actually been his enemy all the while. Take and give time.


  • There will be no dearth of new friends in your life. New friends will come and go, but make sure you grab the best.
  • New friends are made with the sole purpose of filling the void in you. You may already possess a special friend in your life, a friend who stands by you through thick and thin.
  • Our life revolves around our friends. We should not forget the old ones at any cost while making new friends.
  • It is good to maintain a friendly attitude towards all the new set of people we come across.
  • Strong friendship automatically develops and grows with time and we do not have to wait for it to happen.


  • No doubt there is risk factor involved while making new friends, but remember not everyone is bad. In fact, you may end up getting one of the most special friends in your life.
  • Mix with your new friend and get to know him/her in intimate terms before you declare him/her to be your true and special friend.

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