Navratri Decoration Ideas

Happy Navratri
Navratri Decoration Ideas

With the Navratri coming up, excitement is in cores. We really need to explore the glazing decoration tips for the home decoration. View Home Decor Ideas for the festival of Navratri.

Navratri is a very important Hindu festival where Goddess Durga is worshipped in her nine forms. Decoration is indeed an integral part of this festival. While Goddess Durga is installed in pandals in the local communities with a magnum beauty, some also decorate their houses on this occasion. Here are a few ways in which people decorate their houses:

  • The temple in the house is cleaned and decorated with fresh flowers every day of Navaratri.

  • The idols of all the Gods and Goddesses are cleaned and draped in new tailor-made clothes and jewellery.
Maa Durga Idol
The idols of all the Gods and Goddesses are cleaned.

  • The puja thali is also decorated with great innovation. Decorative puja thalis are easily available in the market.
Decorated Puja Thaali
Decorative puja thalis

  • As per Gujarati tradition, the house is decorated with Garbo. Garbo is decorative earthen pots with a diya burning inside.

  • Small earthen pots filled with rice and a dry coconut on top are also kept in the temple.

  • The entire house is decorated with fresh flower streamers.

  • Rangolis are an integral part of every Hindu Festivals. Intricate and elaborate rangolis are painted inside the house as well as outside on the portico.
Beautiful rangoli
Rangolis are an integral part of every Hindu Festivals.

  • In South India during Navaaratri Golu is kept. As per this tradition Goddess Durga meditates for the nine nights before killing Mahishasura. These nine nights are depicted in the form of nine steps made of wooden planks. Idols of various Gods and Goddesses are kept on these steps, with a wooden idol depicting Godeess Durga.

  • Earthen diyas are lit on the entrance of the homes and inside.

  • These days electric lights are also used to decorate the different parts of the house as well as the temple.

  • On the 10th day of Vijayadashami, the colour yellow is supposed to be very auspicious. Garlands of yellow flowers are used to decorate the entrance and the interiors of the house.
Navratri Home Decoration Ideas
Decoration with yellow flowers

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