National Teachers’ Day

The teachers are revered worldwide. They play a very influential role in shaping the future of a nation as they are endowed with the responsibility of educating the young minds. Teachers’ Day is therefore celebrated worldwide to show respect to the teachers for their relentless efforts towards the betterment of the society and thus of a nation.
The National Teachers’ Day is celebrated by the National Education Association (NEA), which is the largest association of teachers and education professionals in the United States. The NEA has over 2.8 million members comprising elementary and secondary teachers, faculties of institutions for higher studies, education support professionals, school administrators, retired teachers as well as students aspiring to become teachers in the future. NEA has its affiliate associations in every states of the US responsible for dealing with the issues faced by the educators both in public and professional schools.
The first Teachers’ Day in the United States was observed on March 7, 1980. It was later renamed as National Teachers’ day when the organization decided to celebrate the day on the Tuesday of the first full week of May. The entire week is celebrated as Teachers’ Appreciation Week and is spent in honoring the teachers and educators. In 2012, the National Teachers’ Day will be celebrated on 8thMay. 
The Celebration
The Teachers’ Day celebration in the United States enjoys a great fanfare. Cultural programs and teacher-student meetings are organized across the states to bring the teachers and students closer to each other. Though it is not a federal holiday but both teachers and students take part in the celebration. The idea behind the programs organized is to spend some quality time with the teachers and education staff.
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