National Chocolate Day

Chocolate day is promoted on a number of dates throughout the year- Local, National and International. It is observed on different dates in different countries. For instance ,14th February is the National Chocolate Day in Ghana, the major exporter and producer of chocolate in the world. In America it is observed on October 28th.

The lip smacking taste of chocolate makes it the favorite sweet of all. From kids to adults, chocolate is loved and preferred by almost everybody. There’s nothing like to feel a chocolate melting in your mouth and savoring its taste. The rich and creamy content of a chocolate is enough to melt it down under normal human body temperature, 98.6 degrees. That’s why perhaps chocolate is always soothing and pleasing to our taste buds.
The credit goes to the ancient Mayan civilization for the discovery of chocolate before it found its way to Europe. Today chocolate is the favorite dessert of the world. Whether blended as a subtle flavor or in its own form, it is used to prepare countless drinks and foods all over the world.
The findings of the National Confectioners Association (NCA) reveal that chocolate is America’s most preferred flavor. Chocolate is the favorite of almost 52% of the American adults and 65% of Americans prefer milk confections over any other flavor. If we trace back the history, Daniel Peter was the person who created milk chocolates in 1876, in Switzerland.
According to NCA chocolates come in varied flavors- White chocolate, semi-sweet, bittersweet, dark chocolates are just a few of the rich and smoothy kinds that creates a fantasy for your tastes.
Besides being a treat to your taste buds, chocolate offers an array of health benefits as well. Several medical studies have revealed that chocolate helps reducing your blood pressure, gives a boost to your mood and is of benefit to your cardio-vascular system. The reason behind this is that, technically speaking, chocolate is derived from cocoa tree, found in Central America and Western Africa, which makes it a vegetable itself.
Despite its benefits, chocolates have its own share of criticisms. It has its fair share in contributing towards obesity and acne. But let not that take you down because all food eaten in excess leads to obesity so a moderation should be maintained in eating them, it includes chocolates as well.
Even if chocolate has got its criticisms, nothing can deter people from having it. For an argument, its great taste and psychological goods makes chocolates all the more worthwhile.
Send chocolaty Chocolate Day Cards to your friends and dear ones along with chocolate boxes on this great day -

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