Mother’s Day

The relationship between the mother and her child is probably the most celebrated relationship in the world and quite naturally mothers and motherhood are honored worldwide in ever society. The celebration is most commonly known as Mother’s Day and celebrated at different dates at different countries. In the US the Mother’s Day is a general holiday and observed during the second Sunday of May.
Though the name suggests that it as a celebration for mothers but it also celebrates womanhood in general and so, includes grandmothers, mother-in-laws, aunts and even wives ; recognizing their contributions to families and to the societies by large.
Celebrating Mother’s Day, however, is not a modern day conception but both the ancient Greek and Romans were known to celebrate motherhood in their respective ways. The Greek festival of Cybele, and Roman festival of Hilaria were the two ancient forms of the modern celebration. The Christians were also known to recognize mothers through Mothering Sunday celebration.
The modern Mother’s day celebration was started by Anna Jarvis in 1907 in the US. She was the daughter of Ann Jarvis who tailored the idea of celebrating Mother’s Friendship Day to help the families, who got separated during the Civil War, to reunite. But she died in 1905 before the observation became popular. Her daughter then took up her unfinished task and continued her efforts to make it a widely accepted and popular event. It is due to her relentless campaigning that President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation on May 9, 1914 that recognized the first national Mother’s Day – a day when the mothers whose sons fought and died in the wars were honored and the national flag was waved at them.
In May 2008, the Grafton’s church where the first celebration was held was given the status of International Mother’s Day Shrine and is now regarded as a National Historic Landmark.
The general celebration includes giving gifts, cards and flowers to the mothers. Carnation has been especially attached to the celebration and mothers are given bouquets of carnation as gifts for Mother’s Day. Families gather together to enjoy family breakfasts, lunch or dinner. In many neighborhoods and schools special programs and competitions are organized for both the mothers and their children. Special discounts are offered at different stores, restaurants, amusement parks and theaters to attract celebrators.
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