Most Romantic Places in the World

Feast your eyes on our pick of the most dreamy places to get hitched . If you’re planning a proposal and want to be sure that it’s everything she (or he) dreamed of, here are some of the world’s most amazing places …
Enjoy the most romantic destinations on the planet where two of you create enough memories to last a lifetime.

It is true that when you are in love then every thing seems to look beautiful, but the location itself plays an important role in boosting the romantic mood.

Falling in love in midst of a romantic setting is indeed a great idea, isn’t it! Love is a beautiful emotion, laced with varied romantic imagination and beliefs. When you’re in love you desire to share some intimate moments with the love of your life in a perfect romantic isolation. Though there are different romantic places of the world, yet the most romantic places in the world bear a touch of being the perfect place not only because of its romantic attraction, but also they carry a unique heritage of great architecture, art and culture.

When you think of a romantic city, different images conjures up your mind, most prominently, the image of exquisite castles in midst of lush green forests or warm sea beaches with turquoise blue water.

New York City

New York City
Most Romantic Places in the World

  • Ideal destination for fast moving lovers. It is one of the few cities in America where you will find a taste of the European life.
  • New York is just the perfect place to unwind with your sweet heart for a walk through the streets of the city offers you glimpses of splendid villas, great architecture and of course sizzling nightlife.
  • To spend a romantic vacation in New York, you can visit the Hampton’s, a chain of exquisite beach towns located on the eastern tip of Long Island offering you breathtaking views of sand beaches and lovely retreats.
  • If you and your partner are great lovers of art, then New York is the best choice to satisfy your desire for elegant art works and paintings. La Dolce Vita, a historical city displaying unique multi cultural diversity is a melting pot of brilliant cuisine and incredible art and literature is considered to be one of the most romantic places in New York.
  • One of the best romantic getaways in New York is a visit to the very beautiful Hudson River with fabulous mansions along the river side offering you a great romantic interlude while exploring the lovely grounds traveling by a river cruise.


Lover’s paradise
Best romantic vacation for you and your beloved

  • Generally believed to be a lover’s paradise.
  • Express your heart felt passion to the love of your life in front of the Eiffel Tower.
  • It is bound to be the best romantic vacation for you and your beloved.


The romantic city of Venice
Venice attractions

  • Great architecture, unique history and unmatched city attractions, Venice has in its strides of being one of the world’s most romantic places.


Most beautiful place of the World

  • Switzerland, the country of magnificent snow covered mountains and unique romantic destinations make it one of the ideal and most beautiful places of the world.

Places In Florida

Most Romantic Places in Florida
Romantic getaways in Florida that couples will love

  • Southwest Florida’s Lee Island Coast is the best romantic place for beach destinations in Florida. It even has the state’s most passionate park known as Lover’s Key; again, Captive Island is yet another beautiful beach where you can enjoy warm sunsets, panoramic views, exquisite cuisine and gentle breezes together”hand-in-hand!
  • Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach is yet another Romantic Place for the lovers to splurge in the ocean waters. Even Orlando is also another Romantic Place in Florida to visit by either the honeymooners or lovers. Discover cove is the theme park to be visited here in Orlando. The outstanding romantic and passionate attraction of this park is that it will provide you with a buoy”that has your personalized romantic love message, which is then delivered to your ladylove through a ‘dolphin’. Hence, let the dolphins also become a part of your love adventure!

Romantic Places in Canada

Romantic Places in the World
Romantic Places In Canada

  • Whistler as a vacation destination is fantastic place in itself as it is counted among the best ski destinations of the world. An affordable romantic destination, Whistler is the perfect place to propose your undying love to your beloved.
  • The wonderful city of Vancouver can be termed as another most fabulous and most romantic place in Canada. The surroundings of the Vancouver city are filled with the fresh ocean air and the major attractions of the city include exquisite mountains, clean environment and a great variety of places of recreation.
  • Victoria, BC, Canada is another one such romantic place in Canada that holds a special place in the hearts of lovers. Immensely clean, the Victoria city can be the perfect place of announcing one’s love.
  • Vancouver Island in Canada can undoubtedly be given the title of being the most romantic place in Canada. For the lovers who are looking for some outdoor activities, Vancouver can be the perfect destination.

Places in Chicago

Romantic holidays in Chicago
Romantic Places in Chicago

  • Walking through the streets of Michigan Avenue, glittering shops decked with colorful displays and the city’s great revealing great nightlife offers you a memorable romantic evening in Chicago.
  • Romantic holidays in Chicago can be more exciting when you take a trip down gliding on the ice and enjoying the ice skating experience especially during the winter season, offering you a cozy and romantic winter vacation.
  • One of the most famous romantic places in Chicago is the Buckingham Fountain with grand display of music and dazzling light show is considered to be a great destination for kissing among the young wedded couples.
  • Also a romantic dinner cruise in Chicago down the lakes offering you a wide choice of great foods and an enthralling live music performance can surely be a worthwhile romantic dinning destination.

Greek Islands

Best Greek islands to visit
Greek Islands

  • The best preference for a romantic vacation in a cultural paradise.
  • Greek islands are a combination of enchanting sunset, magnanimous architecture, clear water and mouthwatering Greek food.

Niagara Falls

Romance in Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

  • Very popular spot amongst the Top 10 romantic destinations.
  • Its awesome beauty attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

San Francisco

San Francisco
Romantic holidays in San Francisco

  • Perfect blend of romantic hills, gorgeous architecture, good food and pleasant ocean side view. A visit to San Francisco during Valentine’s Day is a must.

In Montreal

  • you will witness romance in the air. Its slow moving life has a touch of the good old world.
  • Its beautiful cafes are perfect for romantic evenings.


Romantic Places in Morocco
Morocco romantic getaways

  • Ideal for romantic hearts. It is a ride away from the city culture into a world of languorous romance.


Most romantic places to bring your date in Singapore

  • Best romantic destination in South East Asia.

Places in California

  • A visit to the Santa Barbara County offering miles of striking coast line, picturesque mountain resorts and bright sunny mornings all the year is a great way to spend a romantic vacation in California.
  • Best romantic attractions in California is the very special spa vacation tour of California offering you great variety of spa resorts aimed to provide its visitors a revitalization of the whole body and mind with unique healthy exercises and weekend romantic packages.
  • There are different romantic destinations in California offering you the most classic American beach holiday experience especially along the Central California Coast, ideal for a romantic honeymoon outing.
  • Also not to miss the Napa Valley wine tour guiding you through the beautiful countryside ride and vineyards of great wine.
  • A great way to unwind up your romantic vacations in California is a walk through the old streets of the most famous village of Mendocino, Bodega Bay and Sacramento to feel the very pulse of the high spirit of California.

So if you’re planning to spend a romantic vacation, here’s presenting you information on most romantic places in the world.

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