Modern Engagement Rings

Searching for an engagement ring that doesn’t look like everyone else’s? These one-of-a-kind style. Browse through a selection of some of the unique engagement rings.

As times change the styles and patterns of the engagement rings also undergo changes. Nowadays couples prefer a unique look for their engagement ring. Their favorite choices include antique and vintage engagement rings that offer a blend of contemporary style with classic taste. 

Modern Styles of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings
Modern Styles of Engagement Rings

Modern engagement rings are the wedding engagement rings with modern and contemporary designs. These engagement rings modernized the traditional settings with additional details and accents. Modern engagement rings uses the latest trends of modern technology allowing new metal alloys, unique diamond designs and intricate craftsmanship all woven together to create rings that have a uniqueness and individuality of its own. With the different and varied options available, it gives the option of numerous designs and styles.

Modern Engagement Ring Designs

Contemporary and Modern Engagement Rings
Modern Engagement Ring Designs

Modern engagement rings have a wide range of styles and designs to offer. Generally a couple’s preferences include the different types of stones, with a combination of various metals and a stylistic design that creates a symbol of their commitment to each other.

Stones and Gemstones

Traditional engagement rings
Ring Stones and Gemstones

The use of different types of stones and gemstones is slowly gaining popularity as compared to the traditional use of diamonds. The modern stones that are in use include moissanite and cubic zirconia. These stones have high quality and their general affordability as compared to diamonds make them a hot favorite. Colored stones and gemstones are also popular choices for modern engagement rings.

The use of the number of stones in engagement rings has also undergone significant changes. Traditional engagement rings generally have only one large stone setting while the modern engagement ring has a number of smaller stones. Three Stone Engagement Rings with three large stones are growing in popularity.

Engagement Ring Metals

Modern engagement rings
Engagement Ring Metals

Gold, silver, and platinum are all traditional engagement ring choices. However, the modern engagement rings use the combinations of different metals to multi-toned designs, highlighting the metals as well as the gems.

Beauty of Modern Engagement Rings

Prettiest Engagement Rings
Beauty of Modern Engagement Rings

The beauty of the modern engagement rings is the incorporation of details that the traditional engagement ring could never do. Modern engagement rings are able to have much more engraved inside the band as the laser engravers can create smaller and finer lettering. Delicate and intricate metalwork is also a feature of modern design.

So as you go shopping select the best modern engagement for your wedding engagement

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