Miss You Messages: The Perfect Way To Say How Much You Miss Someon

Everyone who has been in love must have at some point of time experienced a feeling of emptiness when the person they loved, moved away for sometime or permanently. Distance can act as a barrier and if it is not bridged, can, at times, also add a tinge of sourness to a relationship. Just imagine how would you feel if you are away from your beloved and don’t hear from them. As such, miss you cards and messages act as a bridge between two persons. Sending these miss you messages or cards would let the other person know how much you are missing them and that you really care for them.


Express your Feelings

So, you are distances apart from you girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband and are desperate to let them know how much you are missing them. There are a multitude of ways in which you can express your feelings. You can send across a nice gift, that can be anything from a teddy bear to perfumes or electronic gadgets. You can opt for the old-fashioned way and send physical cards with a nice message written on it or use technology and send wonderful e-cards and messages. Whatever route you take, the point is that you want the other person to know that you are really missing him/her and can’t wait for the day to see them back.

The Advancement of Technology

Technology has really changed the way we communicate with our loved ones. For the pre-Internet generation, telling a loved one how much they missed them was trifle cumbersome and time consuming, but in no way dull or boring. They would visit a shop, buy a beautiful card and then send it across through a courier or registry. It would take days for the other person to receive the card and you would only get to know that they have received the card when they would send you a ‘Thank you’ note. That was the magic of the ’80s.

The ’90s and 21st century witnessed some sort of revolution. The advancement of technology and the introduction of the Internet changed the way we communicate with someone who is in a different city or a different country altogether. No more buying physical cards and paying huge amounts to send them across state/country borders; though we are not saying that you can’t do that.

Today, convenience does the trick for you and your lover, and why not? It’s a new-age world and change is the only constant. There are a variety of fancy e-cards available on the Internet with beautiful designs and articulate wordings. All you need to do is just go online, select the one that you find perfect, and send it to your special someone. Within seconds, your card will reach the person for whom it is intended. And the best part is that these cards come with a special feature which lets you know that the other person has received the card. Unlike the earlier days, where you had to spend on the card and the registry, many of these cards come for free.

Types of Miss You Messages and Cards

The Internet is full of e-cards which come in various hues. Some of these are well-crafted and extremely beautiful, while some may be simple but alluring to the eyes. It all depends on your taste, which one you would like to choose. Just search on the Internet and you will come across e-cards that have an image of a teddy bear, starry night, a couple holding hands, roses or some other romantic picture. You will also come across animated cards which feature playful animals, beautiful landscape or a dancing teddy. There are many cards which have beautifully written words engraved on them. However, if you are artistic enough and want to convey your heartfelt feelings to your loved ones in a unique way, then there are plenty of cards on which you can write your message and send them across. There are times when you want to express your feelings in a unique style; you can opt for a musical card. These are marvellous pieces of work and would truly bring a smile on the face of the person they are sent to. Once they open the miss you e-card, they would come across an image or a GIF with some nice music or song. Go ahead, play the love game!.

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