Merry Christmas – It’s a Celebration Time

We are yet again approaching towards the celebration of one of the biggest festivities of the decade, The Christmas Eve. This year’s Christmas again revives hopes and desires among the Christian followers for a peaceful and blissful new year, 2013. The Christmas celebrations of the year 2012 brings a new wave and passion for the commemoration and celebration of the inimitable lord Jesus’s birth and the advent of his preaching and path all over the world. This day is widely observed as a civil holiday all over the world and is celebrated with much fanfare among both Christians and non-Christians. Taking a quick peek at our historical records, the day December 25 had been chosen to celebrate the auspicious birth event of Lord Jesus, as it corresponded with the day falling exactly nine months after the conception of the lord in his mother’s womb.

The Christmas 2012 promises to bring new excitement and fun, especially for the movie lovers, as some of the most sought-after movies are slated to get released around December 25th. The first and the most awaited one is Life of Pi, releasing on December 20. The movie is based on Yann Martel’s novel, Life of Pi, slated to be the most successful commercial novels of its time. With a credible star-cast, comprising of Irrfan Khan and Tabu, the movie promises to be an out-an-out entertainment package with special effects and sci-fi interventions. The other movie to look for this Christmas is Boxing Day, a Tolstoy adaptation.  The movie unveils an interesting plot about two men lost in the chilly and snowy winter of Colorado. The movie is all set for its release on December 21. Other interesting movies to catch up are Seven Psychopaths and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Apart from the movies, you can try your hand at some of the most exquisite recipes of Christmas. The heavenly chocolate crackled cookies truly reflect the spirit of Christmas and are well cherished by both youngsters and adults. The recipe of the same is a simple yet delectable amalgamation of chocolate chips, butter, sugar and flour blended together in a tasteful manner! The other recipes to look for this Christmas are peanut butter cookies, gingerbread cake, and Christmas punch. Apart from these desserts, you can experiment and savour a number of Christmas appetizers, soups and salads. As there is no end to creativity, this year, you can show your creative bent in making these traditional dishes more delectable and of course, different.

Remember the trend for this Christmas 2012 is more glitz and glamour in your home decoration! Splurge into more artifacts and decorative that are shiny and glitzy. Decorate your home with sparkling candles, lights, extra-shiny Christmas tree, glamorous pine-cones, paper angels, bells, stars and more.  The idea of an icy and white Christmas décor seems to be the best for celebrating this year’s chilly Christmas. Indulge yourself more into blue and white colors to get the right feel of the wintry Christmas. However, remember to keep it subtle and elegant!

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